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Feb 17, 2010 10:53 AM

Bad news about Ubuntu


This is truly sad. I had been meaning to go back to Ubuntu for a while but hadn’t made it yet this year. With this news the Bay Area loses it’s most innovated and vibrant upscale restaurant. In terms of upscale food, all we are left with is good but run-of-the-mill Alice Waters/Thomas Keller inspired places that rehash the same dishes (rare duck breast, butter saturated risotto, 3 scallops on a plate maincourses, etc.) Is it just me or is this getting boring? I will miss Ubuntu.

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  1. Completely agree -this is incredibly sad. I hope Ubuntu can offer similar scale with change in staff. I will miss what I expected to return to. It was a definite for me to bring visitors to. (And I am not vegetarian!!)

    1. There is an earlier thread already started about Ubuntu: