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Feb 17, 2010 10:16 AM

Need a Fabulous Birthday Cake for 50

I've been searching this board and googling like crazy. I need recommendations for a GREAT
super YUMMY birthday cake. I want a sheet cake (much easier to serve). I don't want chocolate cake. I'm thinking maybe Italian (Cassata at Modern sounds yummy) or fruity something..... I live in JP - willing to travel 30 minutes max. Need it for 3/7. Open to any and all suggestions. Anyone know a great private baker? Decoration is less important to me than flavor- but I do want it to look nice of course. I would like to be able to do a tasting before ordering. Thanks.

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  1. I've gotten cakes from various places in town but I finally fell in love with just one. It's in Newton called Icing on the Cake. I would call ASAP though to place your order.

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      Another vote for Icing on the Cake, I am addicted to the Golden Amaretto cakes, the Amaretto buttercream is incredible.

    2. For my mom's 60th birthday I got a terrific Italian whipped-cream cake in sheet-cake size from Antoine's in Newton (Nonantum neighborhood.)

      For "fruity something" you might also consider one of the Chinese bakeries, which do lovely cakes with whipped cream and fruit fillings - in Chinatown there are quite a few options, including Eldo Cake House or 101 Bakery, or there's the excellent Yi Soon Bakery in Allston.

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        For fruity, I would 100% suggest Eldo Cake House. Allstonian read my mind. SO so delicious and reasonable!

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          Much as I like Eldo (I use it a lot), the cakes are jut not as tasty as a place like Konditor Meister in Braintree. Its about 30 min from JP (without traffic). Luxurious in a European way.

          1. re: gourmaniac

            Konditor Meister does a phenomenal job in decorating their cakes and overall they're pretty reasonable priced. I've been purchasing cakes from them since they were doing business out of 2 car garage in Quincy. When you went in to order you always were in the way of everyone in the kitchen. The chocolate dipped strawberries on top are the best. Only one caution, avoid cakes with the white crisco type frosting, go for the whipped style frosting. Carot cake with creamcheese frosting is wonderful and the lemon chiffon is one of my favorites. My only complaint ever has been some of their frostings which I suppose they need to use for all the fancy decorations.

            1. re: Pegmeister

              Unfortunately they don't make sheet cakes - I called them.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                I am not a huge fan of Konditor Meister. Some are good, others are just icing gloppy.

                The Cassatta from Modern however is awesome!

        2. Wait a second... is Cassata cake "cannoli cake"? I JUST started a thread about cannoli cake in Boston about 20 minutes before reading this thread...

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          1. re: SaraASR

            Cassata is a traditional Sicilian cake. Here's the description from the modern Pastry website:
            "A classic Italian dessert. Three layers of our light and airy Italian sponge cake soaked with rum and strega liquors. Two layers of creamy sweetened ricotta filling sprinkled with dark chocolate morsels. Completely encompassed with fresh whipped cream and sliced almonds."

            I don't think we have cannoli cake around here, although I seem to recall seeing one in the bakery at a Stop & Shop several years ago and wondering what it was. It was a layer-type cake decorated on top with mini cannoli.

            1. re: Allstonian

              Yup, cassata cake = cannoli cake. Wow, what a strange coincidence. Now I know where to get it!

              1. re: Allstonian

                Love Cassata cake. Had the best ever at Scialo Bros. Bakery in Providend's Federal Hill. Killer with a layer of green Marzipan in the middle.

                1. re: macadamianut

                  YUM! Thank you so much, macadamianut! I've been meaning to get to Federal Hill for a while. Now, only more reason to go :)

            2. Quebrada has a fantastic strawberry shortcake. I googled it. 29 min drive. :) Custard, strawberries, and fluffy fluffy cake. :) Good luck. Fun problem to have.

              1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I'm going to spend Saturday doing some serious cake tasting !!

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                  You could also try Sweet, which is a terrific bakery in W Rox so would be very convenient for you. I picked up a bunch of cupcakes for a birthday party and they were delicious. Real butter cream frosting of course. They also make cakes to order, just as good. . I think their prices are pretty reasonable too.

                  1. re: twentyoystahs

                    I think that you mean Sugar... It's on Centre St, and is a great bakery. Next to the Real Deal (same owners).