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Feb 17, 2010 09:18 AM

Trying to make crock pot meals daily, recipes please!

I am on week 2 of crock pot meals. I have made corned beef and cabbage, beef ribs with onions and red peppers, chicken legs with potatoes and carrots, turkey chili, seafood chowder, Korean beef stew, and today we're having Thai curry chicken with vggies. Tomorrow, I have pork chops and sauerkraut lined up. Please spam me with main dish recipes!!!!! Thanks.

I love coming home from work and dinner is ready. And then when I am cleaning up I throw stuff together for the next days meal. Put it in the crock pot. In the morning, I take the pot out of the fridge and set it on a timer to go off at 10 am. Voila, dinner is ready at 6pm! I love that. Any recipes that could accomplish that are in demand> Thanks for your help.

I guess i mean "make ahead meals". Thanks.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that Cuisine at Home has came out with a slow cooking cookazine. It is fantastic. I especially love the mac and cheese!

    You can order it online if you can't find it in the store. I got mine at Sam's Club.

    1. Did you already check out the 365 days of slowcooking blog? She's got some hits (and some misses) there, but it's a great place to start.

      My all time favorite: dump a jar of pepperoncini over a boneless pork roast. Cook all day on low. Shred, discard the peppers and juice. Serve with really good corn tortillas, avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, and salsa verde. It's to die for.

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        It's a book now. "Make It Fast, Cook It Slow" (by Stephanie O'Dea). My wife and son gave me a new 6-quart crock pot for Christmas, and I bought the book. Have made several recipes out of it already, and they're all quite good so far.

        1. re: girlwonder88

          That sounds great!! Girlwonder! Just one question, but pepperoncini do you mean the jar of pickled pepper rings that you find in the condiment isle? Just want to make sure I get the right thing. Thanks!

          1. re: TofuNofu

            you can buy a jar of whole pepperoncinis, easier to discard.

        2. Sounds like you've had a lot of beef but... my favorite slow cooker recipe is simple Beef Dip. Prepare one package of Au Jus (a packaged gravy but not thick), take one medium-large blade roast and season the outside (I use pepper and brisket rub - keep it simple) add 1/4C of red wine and turn on low for 6 hours or so. You can then slice the beef and add the slices back into the Aus Jus and cook another hour. Serve on toasted sub buns. I really enjoy the leftovers too. You can add the roast from frozen too, increase cooking to about 9 hours.

          1. Just a cautionary tip. I used to do the same thing with my crockpot recipes, putting them into the pot the night before and storing the pot in the fridge. This works most of the time but there are some recipes where this isn't entirely safe. It takes longer for the crock pot to get to the cooking stage when it starts off cold and you run the risk of food spoiling before it actually cooks, especially if you're cooking on "low." If I get things ready to go the night before, I store them in the fridge in a container and then transfer the contents to the crockpot in the morning. I never actually poisoned anyone myself but I'd rather wash one more plastic container than play the odds.

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            1. re: mandycat

              Thanks for the tip. I actually put the cp on after a few hours so it is coming up to room temp. I thought that it would be ok, but I see your point. I will try to do it your way.

              And thanks to everyone who is sharing recipes. I know I can go online and get recipes but I like to get the ones that are tried and true, esp. by the chowhounds!

              The Thai curry chicken yesterday was great. Kids loved it. I have the porkchops and sauerkraut cooking today!

              1. re: lilmomma

                Can you give us the Thai Chicken Curry recipe??

                1. re: Tom P

                  Basically I cut up 4 chicken thighs,boneless and skinless, and put about 1 tbs of Thai red curry on them. Laid them on the bottom of the pot. I then cut up a bunch of veggies incl. cauliflower, eggplant, red pepper, onion and potatoes. Put that on top.Then took a can of coconut milk mixed with 2 tbs of curry powder and about 1 c of water/chicken stock and poured it over everything. Oh yeah few splashes of fish sauce to taste. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Yummy.

                  1. re: lilmomma

                    Wow, sounds great... thanks! I will give it a try.

                    1. re: lilmomma

                      lilmomma, do you mean you smeared prepared Thai red curry PASTE on the thighs? Thanks!

                      1. re: Val

                        Thai Kitchen makes a red curry paste. I take a spoonful and then put it on top of my chicken pieces and smear it around. :)

              2. Of course you can convert just about any stew or soup into a crock pot dish. Here's one of my favourite stews, which I just make on the stovetop because it's relatively quick, and mostly consisits of idle time, but there's no reason it wouldn't work for the crock pot as well.

                Chickpea stew:

                Decide between canned or dried chickpeas. If you opt for dried, rinse, soak, etc them in advance. Honestly, I'd precook them in advance (so you're starting something like 2 days early), but they should be able to cook from dried in the crock pot if you add extra water and give them a solid cooking, but chickpeas tend to be sturdy little buggers, and I can't say how tender they'd end up.*

                Thinly slice a ton of onions, throw them into the crock pot. Add 2-3 cans of diced tomatoes (I like the plain ones). Set to low for however long. You just want the onions to stew down and become sweet. When you get home, add a cup or two of cooked chickpeas (drained and rinsed if canned) and several handfuls of spinach (baby is great, but adult works too, you just have to slice it into managable sizes - frozen also works, but avoid frozen chopped - it's just little specks of spinach and kind of ruins it) until the beans are warmed through and the spinach is wilted. Stir in lemon juice and salt to taste, and several tablespoons of olive oil for a luxurious mouthfeel.

                I like to serve it with good crusty bread, though if your family requires meat at every meal, you could easy tack on thick slices of hard sausage like salami or pepperoni (and maybe some cheese) and give it kind of a picnicky feel. I would not recommend adding meat to the stew itself.

                *You can always freeze chickpeas after soaking and cooking, for later use, if you'd prefer to do a bundle in advance. Just defrost before bunging in the crock pot.

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                1. re: precia

                  This sounds wonderful.. do you ever add any spices?

                  1. re: Tom P

                    Oh, geeze, I forgot the garlic! Mince, slice, crush, whatever, maybe 5 or 6 cloves of garlic and chuck them in with the tomatoes.

                    I've never bothered experimenting with extra ingredients, but I bet basil wouldn't be bad.

                    When I do it on the stovetop, I slowly cook the onions alone for maybe 15 minutes before adding the tomatoes, to kick start the process.

                    1. re: precia

                      I have it all on the stove now, as I had the ingredients... adding the garlic now!

                      1. re: Tom P

                        Sorry about that! I've let it slip my mind while cooking, too. I can be such a space case. I hope it turns out well for you!

                        1. re: precia

                          I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. I wasn't sure how it would turn out... a lot of times when a recipe starts with lots of tomatoes and onions, it just tastes like spaghetti sauce, no matter what. But this was really tasty and hearty, and I must say, two days later is when it really shined. The flavors melded so beautifully, like most stews. I added some thyme springs, that was my only real change. I will make this again for sure... so simple and hearty, with ingredients I always have on hand. I will definitely try to make it at least a day before.

                          1. re: Tom P

                            Thanks, I have all the ingredients & excited to try this! However, using canned fire roasted tomatoes. Recently I've been adding them to stews instead of regular diced & really like the difference. Another thing I've been doing is adding a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end. Try it sometime!

                            Question- what happens if you stick the CP in at the beginning rather than later? Also, which work better, red or yellow onion?

                            1. re: Tom P

                              If making a day before, would you add the spinach then or wait til before serving?

                              1. re: pamd

                                I am not sure about the chickpeas. I added them at the end and next time will add a little sooner, to soften them. I added the spinach the day I cooked it and am glad.. I think it helped impart flavor for the next day or so.

                                1. re: Tom P

                                  Sounds good. I'll have to try this. Thyme for me, for sure.