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Feb 17, 2010 09:11 AM

25th High School Reunion

I am looking for someplace to host an evening event for 50-100 people that won't cost an arm and a leg.
The High School is in Burbank, but that is only a starting point for my search.
I don't want the 'same old, same old' banquet options, we're trying to think of something a little different!
Any suggestions? Thanks!

Also, let me add this; it was an all-girls Catholic School and we like our cocktails. A LOT.

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  1. Please let me know when and where the reunion is. Some of my fondest memories are from the girls at Immaculate Heart High School. They loved their cocktails and then some!

    1. I don't know, what's the cost of an arm and a leg cost these days ?

      Why not set a maximum budget for food including tax and tip, and let the cocktail budget be at each participants' discretion ?

      1. I was *thinking* about recommending Hollywood Men ( at the Hollywood and Highland complex ( The only problem with this location is that you can't get a lot of conversation in (it's loud) and the drinks are mediocre...but it is a fun experience. Lots of eating venues nearby. My 25th hs reunion is this year and I guess it's where *I'd* like to go for a hs reunion....

        1. Maybe give D'Cache a call and see what they can do for you.

          10717 Riversde Drive, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

          1. Hi --

            We recently had to set up a banquet for 50 people in roughly the same area... None of the less expensive options were fine dining, though, I have to say. Oh -- I forgot -- we did rent out Pinot Bistro in Studio City for another event for about that many people too. Its food is better than average -- but we did have to rent the whole place and it was not inexpensive.

            Anyway, City Walk had some options and it's in the area. Buca de Bepo up there had a good room w /good prices. A few of the other restaurant at City walk were also very accommodating (Saddle Ranch something, i think it's called).

            You prob.don't want the Castaways (and its world famous deeply medicore fare) and it's prob too expensive besides -- but it'll def. bring back memories for any Burbank kids or one-time kids. Same for the Pickwick Center/bowling alley. Across the street at the Equestrian Center is a Mexican Restaurant (is it Viva fresh..?) -- also not a foodie's delight, but watching the horses is fun.

            Our office ended up with the best deal at Mijares Mexican restaurant in Pasadena on Palmetto. Amazing prices, very pretty private room and great service (it shocked us all!)

            Just a few thoughts -- good luck!

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              1. re: Phurstluv

                I am sorry but some of the worst Mexican food I ever had was at Mijares. It was also unbelievably noisy. There's a restaurant across the street from NBC Studios (I can't remember the name) that was an old school steakhouse and had good food private rooms etc.

                1. re: SeaCook

                  That's the Smokehouse, not inexpensive either, known for their neon orange cheese bread (which is a treat actually!)

                  It's hard to come up with a good banquet location for low costs!! I know -- I've tried (a lot!)

                  1. re: susiequeue

                    Not Smoke House, they are talking about Chadney's or Chadwick's, it is gone. Smoke House might be a good idea, try them or try The Tam O'Shanter in Atwater. Bottom line with reunions is okay food, good drinks if you are on a budget. No one ever remembers the food, they just need something to saok up the liquor. Have fun!

                    1. re: Burger Boy

                      I think you're right with Chadney's Burger Boy. Too bad it's gone.