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Feb 17, 2010 09:10 AM

Best Hamentashen in the Boston Area?

I was recently in St. Paul, Minnesota and had the good fortune of eating fantastic hamentashen from Cecils Bakery & Deli. I'd love to find a good local source for these delicious (if unassuming) Jewish baked goods. Anybody have any ideas?

Note - I've had the ones from Whole Foods and they're mediocre at best.

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  1. I like the ones from Kupel's, which are available in small and large sizes and a fair variety of flavors year-round.

    Clear Flour does some tiny but delicious ones, usually in two or three flavors, only around Purim.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      i so often agree with allstonian that it pains me to say kupels hamentashen are truly not good. cheryl ann's are just passable. other than the times clear flour makes them, i haven't found any wonderful ones, but the Butcherie sometimes has packages from a Brooklyn kosher bakery that are pretty good.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        Sadly, had a totally lousy hamentashen from kupel's not too long ago. Won't make that mistake again.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          I admit that my comment about Kupel's wasn't based on recent experience - I've liked them okayin the past (certainly better thant supermarket hamantashen), but I don't think I've had one in at least a year.

      2. Cheryl Ann's bakery in Putterham Circle (Brookline). I'm not Jewish, but these little triangles are delicious!

        Cheryl Anns
        1010 W Roxbury Pkwy, Chestnut Hill, MA

        1. I just got 8 hamantashen from Kupel's and to call them mediocre would be kind. too big, too doughy, how can i say this- too goyish. The ones at Clear Flour Bakery - which is not a Jewish bakery - are far superior. The right size, the right ratio of filling to dough and they just look much prettier!

          Flour Bakery + Cafe
          12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

          1. OMG-- I grew up on Cecil's. So great that they're still there!! You brought back great memories. Great corned beef and pastrami, too.

            1. Randomly I had a great hamentashen at Bella Motto in Arlington, it was better than the ones I received in my misloach manot at the school I work at (not that they weren't appreciated). I doubt they were Kosher though.