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Feb 17, 2010 09:00 AM

Where can I buy cardboard box for my homemade birthday cake?

Okay in Toronto, I could get those from Bulk Barn..

but in Montreal, where are they? My bf tried buying it from a regular cake store at chinatown, but they wouldnt sell it for like $1 or something.. so he had to argue with them until they finally gave it to him...

Is there a specific store where I can buy those cake boxes? I love to make birthday sized cake for fun and give it out but I can't cos I don't have the box.

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  1. Try Ares kitchen supply store - there is one on the West Island, one in Centre Laval, and maybe one on the South Shore. I saw some white cake boxes (stored flat) a couple of months ago (Laval location) - there were many different sizes. There are also some great re-usable plastic (black) containers that caterers often use - not sure if there is a size for cakes, but I found one perfect for cupcakes.

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      If they carry them at all Bulk Barns, then go check out the Bulk Barn in Marche de L'Ouest in the West Island.

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        Definitely at Ares...all sizes on both boxes & boards. I buy them there all the time!

      2. Most cake supply stores would carry them. Since you are looking for only 1 box, i would call before going to make sure they have the dimentions you need. .

        1. I am not sure if you mean sheet cakes by birthday cakes, but if you;re talking about regular sized cakes in 8 and 9 inch round pans, i tend to make lots of those for gifts. I usually buy antique plates and nice looking serving dishes from second hand stores (salvation army type places) and tell the people to keep the dish. Usually costs the same as a cardboard box but looks nicer. You should see the cake stand i recently got for 3 dollars. That does not work as well if you transport the cake by public transportation unless you have a good cake carrier and you plate on arrival.

          1. Or, use an inverted salad spinner atop a dish, and voilĂ , cake box (well depends on your cake's dimensions, I suppose) :-)