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Lower East Side Saturday Early

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Wife and I looking for early dinner on Saturday night around 6pm on Lower East Side. Looking for good food, a new spot would be ideal, something on the higher end rather than a hole-in-the-wall find, but definitely looking for something interesting. Any suggestions?

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  1. Apizz - excellent, romantic Italian.

    1. Kuma Inn isn't new but it's good.

      1. Little Giant. Not so new, but very good.


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          apizz, the orchard, falai, wd-50 (none new, but all good)

          1. re: lisabnyc

            Agree with Apizz and Little Giant.

        2. Kampuchea not so new but very good or the newer counterpart The Norry. (Both serve Cambodian inspired dishes)

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            Second Kampuchea/The Norry