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Feb 17, 2010 08:52 AM

St Paul Cheese Shops' Sandwiches

I've been hearing good things about the sandwiches at the St Paul Cheese Shop on Grand and Snelling, and was in the mood for a good sammie today.

The menu has a very interesting array of choices: Fennel Salami, Mortadella with Provolone, Coppa with Stickney Hill Chevre, Chorizo with Manchego, Prosciutto di Parma with Great Lakes Brie, amongst others, and the one I order was the Cheese Monger: Sopressata with Provolone and Pepper/Onion Relish.

The baguettes that are used are from next door at Turtle Bread. I thought the Salami and Provolone was delicious, but it's flavor was masked by the onion/pepper relish, and my jaw hurt by the end because of the very chewy baguette.

I will certainly try another of their sandwiches, but will ask to have the relish left out next time, and probably do some jaw exercises to get prepared...

There website doesn't give much info, but here goes:

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  1. SmartCookie, that's funny about the jaw exercises...they do have some chewy bread. I recently got a chicken liver pate sandwich there, I think it just had some cornichons on it, I really enjoyed it. I did only eat about half and nibbled on it throughout the day so maybe that was easier on the jaw. I really enjoyed the sandwich. That is kind of strange that there isn't a menu online, it's kind of a quirky place. I enjoy the blog entries of Benjamin though, very funny. I love that they aren't doing same old same old sandwiches! We need more of that in the Twin Cities...creative, original, thoughtful, quality food. For a reasonable price.

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      I should have mentioned that the prices range from $6 - $9, with the majority being $7 or $8, the exception being the "Pick any cheese in the place" sandwich, which goes for the market price of the cheese you choose.

      They also have one homemade soup every day for $6 and is served with garlic croutons.

    2. The bakery next store is Breadsmith, yes?

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      1. re: KTFoley

        Yes, the bakery next door is Breadsmith.


        1. I'm a big fan of the turkey/provolone/cranberry chutney sandwich, but they will also make any combination with their meats, cheeses, and condiments, which is a bonus. And they make the best brownies. Ever.

          Also, they have some nice appetizers to go, including a fabulous chevre with a dried fruit chutney that has made me a star at every event where I've brought it. as well as a delicious tomato confit and a few other spreads.

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          1. re: latte4me

            Provolone, huh? On the menu, it comes with brie, but you're right- you can substitute any cheese you want, provided you pay the difference. Hmmm. I'd actually avoided it because of the brie, but now that I'm thinking about it, a soft goat cheese in its place could be orgasmic. I'll report back.

          2. I stopped in once, miss led by the name. Sandwiches are definetely their forte and strength and not cheese. They should have named it The Saint Paul Sandwich And Cheese Shop.

            I can't afford $8 sammies snaller than my fist, and I stopped in for imported, possibly raw cheeses ala Srdyk's.

            We need a good cheese shop on the Eastside that is equal to or better than Srdyk's. And until then I guess I hit Kowalski's.

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            1. re: green56

              smaller than your fist? seriously? I can barely eat 1/2 a sandwich at one meal.

              Latte - that chevre with the dried fruit and pine nut combo is perfect for entertaining. Ditto on those brownies.

              1. re: St Paul Susie

                I have fairly large hands and the sammie was definitely larger than my fist - it was a very satisfying portion, and of course they use the highest quality ingredients.

                1. re: SmartCookie

                  After I posted I realized I have small hands......all these years.

                  I had the hearty lentil soup today - it was pretty good. It certainly is better than the WF soup for the same price.

                2. re: St Paul Susie

                  It's been a year/little less since I was there. Possibly they have increased portion size. No matter. I still have no desire to return. I was looking for a cheese shop and it's a sandwhich shop with a few cheeses on the side.

                  1. re: green56

                    Do you go to the Kowalski's on grand? I shop there for other things but I've been really disappointed a few times with cheese that hasn't been wrapped properly or has been in the case too long.

                    1. re: St Paul Susie

                      Yup. The one on Grand. There was a time a few years back when they were w/o a cheese guru I found some of the cheese not wrapped well and starting to turn.

                    2. re: green56

                      When I talked to them about their stock of cheeses (maybe 6 mos ago), I swear they said they had a couple hundred, or, maybe that's what they said they were working up to. Some of it you specifically need to ask for. Not bad, for a teensy little shop.


                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                        Selection was limited when I was there. I want to say they had no raw milk cheeses, but I'm not really sure. No artisan cheeses to speak of, but I do think they had Sally What'sHerName's goat cheese. My memory fails me as I was totally disappointed and wrote them off.

                        When I was there there was one, maybe two refridge 'bins' for the sandwhiches and cheeses and a large cooler with beverages. I think there may have been a table for eating... Most of the space was taken up with shelving with teas, soupy coffee cups, crackers, misc stuff like that.

                        It's an upscale sandwhich shoppe with the majority of the cheeses the type for making sandwhiches. And that's okay. I'm just into cheeses more than I am sammies and I was misled by their name and very disappointed.

                        1. re: green56

                          I completely agree with your physical description of the place, but I know they've been gradually adding more cheeses since they first opened less than a year ago. It sounds like this place isn't just for you, but if if you live in St. Paul and really like cheese a lot (and it sounds like you do), it might be worth your time to stop in now and see if their selection is bigger now, keeping in mind that they have more cheeses than what's in those two fridge cases.


                          1. re: The Dairy Queen

                            Now that was a useful post for me. I will stop in again. Maybe early next week as a treat to myself for my burfday.

                            My first time at Srdyck's I didn't bat an eye dropping $50+ on cheese. When I was employed I'd run to Kowalski's on my lunch hour and pick up 5-6 different cheeses for lunch. Thirty dollar lunches weren't common, but they hit the spot. :)

                            Now that I'm out of work, I miss my raw milk, imported jeezes. Picking up some Taleggio or Munster, some Morbier, Stilton or Gorganzola (to eat with fresh strawberries), or some of my other 'stinky' cheeses would make my day.

                            1. re: green56

                              They definitely have a few raw milk cheeses now, although I can't comment on their "stinky" inventory.

                      2. re: green56

                        They only opened last May? I have liked everything I have had there, and tried things I wouldn't have. I really like the meats, and the Pate (the Duck was awesome!). Kowalski's!? REALLY?! Expensive and creepy