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Feb 17, 2010 08:50 AM

Le Creuset wide 6.3/4 round & 3.5 buffet casserole - redundant?

These are both about 12" in diameter but the buffet casserole is sloped. Do you think if you have the 6 3/4 wide you would also need the buffet casserole?The wide holds about twice more than the casserole but couldn't the wide be used for the same things you would use the casserole for, as It's just higher? I'm a LC addict too and trying to edit, if that's even possible...LOL!

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  1. Hi, blondelle, I am going from the opposite direction. I want to add 6.75 Wide while I have 3.5 buffet casserole. I don't think it is redundant. 6.75 wide has abit more surface than 3.5 buffet cassrole. Also, total capacities are different. However, it might be my excuse to add another LC in the color which I do not own yet:)

    I went through past posts discussing on 6.75 qt as I am interested in purchasing it, and based on the past posts, I guess you have both of them. If so, could you tell us how you like them? Do you see any advantages for one of them? It would be very much helpful. Thank you in advance.

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    1. re: hobbybaker

      Speaking of which - I see that someone has just listed a white 6.75 quart round on eBay today for $199 plus shipping. That's about the outlet price, and if you're looking for white, I'd go for it!

      Just make sure they pack it well - I had a friend who's 6.75 quart arrived broken because it was crammed in a box to small to allow for adequate packing. Luckily they'd insured it and he got his money back.

      1. re: rovergal

        Hi, rovergal. You are so kind to let me know! You are so good official "LC Pricing Analyst" :) However, I have my own problem ( WARNING: Sorry, it is long, just skim it if you have time and energy.)

        #1 - I have All-Clad 6 qt stock pot. Don't misunderstand the pot from the name of "stock pot". It is not a typical stockpot at all. The side is shorter, I guess it was around 4"-5", and it is like a "Rondeau Pot". (You will see what I mean if you take a look at the first chapter of Molley's book I mentioned in the other thread.) Recently, I made two long-braising recipe with this pot as it is usable in the oven and I admit that there are no significant taste difference to me from LC. As this is a SS pot, it is so easy to brown the meat and degraze with aromatics. Also, it is significantly lighter than my 6.75 OVAL.....6.75 qt WIDE can be a more redandent to this AC 6 qt stockpot to me than 3.5 qt buffet/casserole. I need to figure it out.

        #2 There is another candidate - All Clad Buffet Cassrole 6 qt. Although the name is buffet casserole, It has straight side no rounded bottom. It has wider surface space than LC 6qt stockpot and LC Wide. This pan is priced around $250 (!!! to me. At cookware and more it is $150), but I am suspecting that It will become less due to the current roll- out of D5 line. I have no evidence. This is just my pricing speculation.

        #3 - Usually I do not like to buy LC at Ebay. There are risks involved, as you mentioned especially in shipping/packing. Moreover, I usually want to make sure what exactly I buy meaning I physically want to see the items in front of me. Checking there is no dents, scratches, etc. I don't care if it is only $10, but it is more than that.

        So, make my long sentences short ( Sorry, I really don't want to intimidate you and anybody else.), I will pass it this time.... But I have this pot in my mind and watch out the coming sale in June at LC outlet. As I have ALL-Clad 6 qt, I am not in hurry:) But I really grateful your telling me the good deal!

        PS: I really don't get why ALL-Clad does not make the same 6qt stock pot in their new D5 version. It was very well designed pot, but probably undermined by 8 qt stockpot. Well, it is none of my business as I do not buy any D5 soon:)

        1. re: hobbybaker

          I have that same AC 6qt stock pot.. I love it for when I want to cook things faster as maybe it's just me.. but I feel it gets hotter faster.

          When I want to simmer something longer and slower.. I go for the LC.

          Both work great.. just personal preference for me.

          1. re: grnidkjun

            Hi, grindkjun. Thank you for assisting to me to focus. Yes, you are right. cooking time is critical. I will make my final decision gradually (until June:) as I will consider those:

            - if I use the Future pan more often for LONGER braising, I should go with LC 6.75 WIDE RD and more often for Shorter Saute/braising I should go for All-Clad 6.5 qt BC.
            - As 6.75 OVAL is the only large LC in my collection and I do not own any of 5.5 RD or 7.25 RD, I think it makes a lot of sence to have large RD wide LC to complement my cookware. I think it is a fair statement.
            - I personally do not think 6.75 Wide round is a redundant to 3.5 qt BC as I initially already mentioned. They can be used for similar things but I strongly believe those similar jobs is the only a PART of the ALL they can.
            - The surface of ALL-Clad Buffet Braiser, 13.75" is sounds like very large, compared to 6.75 Wide RD's 11.75". Uneven heating? Maybe, depends on the stovetop.



            1. re: hobbybaker

              Does anyone know what happens if you buy SECOND at outlet and later (after having used it for a certain period) you find something wrong happened to let's say with inside enamel? Do they take your's back and replace it there with another SECOND rightaway? I understand SECOND has no warranty, is it true? All my LCs are 1st, so never been in that situation but I might consider to buy second this time.

              When I bought my first LC, I did not know this board and did not do any reseraches, ending up with buying at Bloomies, but on sale. I was ignorant enough to use METAL utensils all the time and after a year later inside enamel was all scratched. But, luckily, perople I know at Bloomies are kind enough to replace it right away, even thouhgh it was because of my ignorance.

              Needless to say, I do not expect similar service for 2nd quality but just curious what is the procedure if it happens. If someone can quickly tell me, it would be vey helpful:)

              1. re: hobbybaker

                I believe the factory seconds carry the same warranty.. obviously not against the chips you may have purchased them with.. so if you go to an outlet or buy them discount. inspect them well.. seconds can be found in really great condition with the only flaw being an irregular color job. I've been lucky with the ones I've found.

                This reviewer on epinions states it is the same warranty.

                I would recommend calling a factory store directly and asking.

                If I have time, I will call the one above Atlanta and ask later.. I have purchased in store from them and spoken on the phone and they have been very helpful.
                Michael did an excellent job going in the back and picking one out.. he brought it out to me to inspect and the only thing wrong was a few extra bright dots of color in the gradiation. No chips.
                I would have no problem calling him and asking him to pick one out and ship to me.
                Shipping is free if it's over $100.. some states don't charge sales tax to other states.. and when I got my doufeu the other weekend, they had a scratch off promotion to where you could get anywhere from 25-35% additional off.. I got 30%.

                Hope this is helpful too!!

                So far, I have found the following as seconds and am very happy:
                3.5qt buffet/braiser
                3.5qt round
                5.5 qt round
                7.5 qt doufeu (I wanted an oval of 7qts or slightly over but not the jump into a 9qt.. this was best choice for me)

                1. re: hobbybaker

                  OK.. just got off the phone with the factory outlet..
                  The warranty is the same.
                  If you have an issue, you call 1877 273 8738 for a return authorization.
                  You send in the piece and if it is determined to be a factory defect in manufacturing.. they will send you a new piece.

                  If it's something like I dropped and broke a lid. they might send you a discount toward a new item.

                  Hope this helps!

                  1. re: grnidkjun

                    Hi, grindkljun. Thanks a lot. That was a great favor of you!
                    When I bought 3.5qt BC several yeas ago at LC outlet, I just simply believed they are not covered by the same warranty; so I picked up 1st with 25% discount. Good to know 2nds are also covered. Unless I see a sweat price at WS outlet again, I will take a second at LC outlet this time for the 6.75 Wide since I have heard nothing terrible about 2nd here.

                    My current line-up: 2qt round, 3.5 qt round, 3.5 buffet casserole, 6.75 oval. It is a quite good line up as I can manage most of the recipes I want to cook with one of them. 2qt round is an exclusive rice cooking tool.I do not own a rice cooker and I don't/won't feel like buying it as it cooks rice so nicely for two of us.

                    I remembere your doufeu post. How is it? I am sure it is a good pot especially for gatherings. I use my 6.75qt Oval all the time when inviting people over during the seasons when grilling is not an option in this area, which is quite long. (I hate the snow still lying!) The large LC lowers my last minute stress as I can prepare a main dish day a head and just warm it up when people arrive.

                    1. re: hobbybaker

                      I got it just the other weekend.. and really want to give it a go.. I've just not had the opportunity yet. The past weekends I've been on the go a good bit.

                      I'm a bit restricted to slow cooking with LC to the weekends unless I can cook one evening in advance.

                      It's a bit rough to get home from work and try to do a roast or stew for that night.
                      So, this week I did a pot roast in the slow cooker.. it definitely has it's place during the week..

                      And since I did a roast this week, I hesitate to do a stew on Sunday.. gumbo has also recently been done as well.. so not sure what else I would make in such a large batch to give it a good go.. but I will soon!

          2. re: rovergal


            I am new to this forum and new to Le creuset. Just can you tell me if I have paid good price for two pans I bought today. One is marked no. 26 at the bottom without lid for 70 usd . another marked 25 with lid but no knob for 89 usd. Both are from Marshalls and are in excellent condition. Both of them are marked seconds.

            and also can you make rice in it, and boil milk without sticking to the bottom.

          3. re: hobbybaker

            Believe it or not I haven't used them as yet. It's a long story but I don't have a fully functional kitchen at the moment as I've been putting off a total redo and my fridge broke.

            The buffet casserole is more of a covered two handled fry pan so it would be better for foods with less height but you can also use the wide for that too. They are both useful. If I had to pick only one I would opt for the low wide, but then it would be a bit too large for smaller quantities.

            You're asking the wrong person as I can really justify all of my 5 least in my mind. I was hoping for an intervention...LOL, but we all have the same disease here. For main pieces I have the 2 3/4 qt. soup pot , and the 3.5 qt low wide--couldn't leave it for $79.99 in WS., the 5.5 round and the 3.5 casserole and a 6.75 qt .wide round--$99.99 at WS.. A pretty good mix that covers about everything I need. You can argue you don't need the 3.5 qt. wide if you have the 5.5 round as the bottom area is similar, but it's more pleasant to cook a smaller amount in the 3.5 wide. You can also argue that the soup pot and the 3.5 wide is similar in capacity, but they are two different shapes. You can also argue that you don't need the 3.5 qt. low wide and the 3.5 casserole, but the 3.5 wide is better for smaller quanties as the bottom is smaller and they won't fill the bottom of the casserole.

            Do you see the problem here...LOL? I also need all the pieces as the colors all look great together. How sick is that? I can't pass up a bargain on this stuff, but then when you have it as you couldn't leave it at that price, even though you don't need it, it's almost impossible to try and part with :-)....sigh!!!

            1. re: blondelle

              blondelle - Thank you for your post. I am very glad that person like you are here, who has knowledge and share the experience :) I hope your kitchen is going to be normal soon and you will enjoy it! Don't worry about justification of collecting. I have no argument for any pieces, which have different functions and nuances. And you know, many times, you just need to have it in your hands, make sure how it feels, and use it for a certain period to really understand these pieces.

              1. re: hobbybaker

                I just brought home the 3.5 Wide Round this week. I have the 3.5 black satin and the 2.75 french oven in black onyx . The smaller pieces work best for me as I have a small kitchen, small freezer, small family and VERY limited storage space. I admit I began thinking about this purchase because I love the black onyx colour and I wanted another one! NOw that I have been using it for a couple of weeks I can honestly say that the wide diameter really does open up some new possibilities so I am now considering it as a fully justified buy!!

                1. re: knet

                  I can't wait to try making risotto (which I have never made before) in my new 3.5 quart wide round! There are only two of us, so I think it's a perfect size for that!