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Feb 17, 2010 08:13 AM

time to kill in East Boston?

I have to drive someone to an event in East Boston this Sunday, and then hang out for a bit before taking them home. I would love to have recommendations for a great bakery to try, and hopefully a nice market with pasta or gourmet treats to take home. I live in JP and haven't been anywhere in E.Boston except the airport in years, so would love any recommendations.

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  1. More of a pastry shop than a bakery, but Spinelli's in Day Square is a place you might want to check out.

    1. Betty Ann's at 565 Bennington has, bar none, the best donuts I have ever tasted. They are only open in the mornings, run out very fast, and just close when they are out of stock, like Galleria Umberto. It doesn't get much more old school. They have a very limited selection: jelly, sugar, plain, lemon, and crullers, sometimes other bakery items as well. If you can't get there by ~9:30, it might not be worth the trip. I have never liked jelly donuts, but these converted me.

      1. If I weer in Rastie for the day I'd go to Angela's for Mex, Santarpios for pizza or Rincon Lemeno(sp)for ceviche.

        1. Peaches and Cream bakery is very good.

          1. I second the Peaches and Cream rec, which is also a Peruvian restaurant, Betos. Check to see if they have the "mil hojas", which is many alternating layers of a thin pastry and dulce de leche (manjar blanco in Peru). If not, get the alfajores, shortbread and manjar blanco, which I think are the best ones in the area. On the bakery tip, also check out Lolly's on Bennington, between Central and Day squares. Used to be an Italian bakery but is now latin mainly serving breads and pastries. For a more traditional Italian bakery, its not that far to Torretta's in Beachmont.