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Feb 17, 2010 08:12 AM

Dining along the Canal St Martin?

I am living 2 blocks south of the Canal St Martin in the 10th and I really love the neighborhood, especially on Sundays when there are no cars. Can anyone recommend cafes or restaurants in the area?
I love Le Chateaubriand, which is not far, as well as the marvelous bakery, Du Pan et des idees - their pain des amis is simply addictive. I find the waiters at Chez Prune to be a bit too rude. Any other ideas? I don't want to miss any local gems.

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  1. Others (not me) like the Cantine de Quentin; sadly the best place, Garance, closed to be reopened by someone famous whose name I should recall (check out 96 quai de Jemmapes for progress).

    John Talbott - other reviews in the 10th -

    1. I liked Ari Mme Shawn quite a bit the other day. It has a French and a Thai menu, nice place to hang out in the afternoon as well.

      1. We have eaten at the Le Poisson Rouge restaurant - wine bar 112 Wharf Jemmapes
        overlooking the Canal. Great wine list, good food, and very friendly.

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          This is such a pretty neighbourhood, and an important one in both the history of Paris and in the contemporary life of the city - the Exacompta factory on the Quai de Jesmappes are the last large-scale manufacturing works in intra-muros Paris - but which over the last ten years has been "discovered" and "put on the map" by estate-agents and lifestyle journalists...and now feels a little faux.

          As often with hip neighbourhoods, there are lots of pretty places to eat here, but which aren't much cop. There are, however:

          The Verre Volé, on the corner of rue de Lancry and Quai de valmy can be good - but sometimes the owners and the people working there have a difficult time getting over themselves.

          I second t14072's recommendation for 'Le Poisson Rouge' - not earth shattering but honest and not too expensive.

          The pizzas at 'Maria et Luisa' are very good.

          Another poster recommended Mme Shawn, who seem to be colonising the 'hood with their three outlets near the Canal. I think it's expensive for what it is and predictable: if your peckish for Asian when in this neck of the woods I'd recommend the bo-buhn, and other indo-chinese delights at 'Le Cambodge' on avenue Richerand, and last, but by no means least, at no 14 of rue Bichat, the new branch of Paris' favourite vegan Chinese restaurant: Tien Hiang.

          On the liquid front, le Carrillon at he corner of the rues Bichat and rue Marie et Louise is still cheap and great fun, and La Barrique (the last non-hip café on rue Réné Boulanger) have good coffee (rare in a run-of-the-mill bar anywhere in Paris) and serve nice little tapenade tartines and other snacks with the evening aperitif (and decent plats de jour at midday). They're also very friendly.

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            I forgot about Poisson Rouge; as I recall, the prix-fixe lunch was a great deal at under 15 euros. And the wine markups are quite reasonable.

          2. The sandwiches at the bakery "Aux Peches Normands" (corner of Yves Toudic & Fbg du Temple) are exceptional. Favela Chic's cafe has some pretty good Feijoada, and it's a cute place (closes at 4). I live here too and am searching for good places too! Thanks for starting a thread.

            1. A Caution:, as much as you may have loved the Hotel du Nord film, reviewers have steered me away from the resto.