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Feb 17, 2010 07:52 AM

Where to take Vegetarian French Exchange student

We want to take a French exchange student (age 17) out for a going away lunch or dinner...she is vegetarian and we are not, so I'm looking for a place that will have options for both meat and non-meat eaters.

Was thinking Pizzeria Stella might be fun and would give us a chance to show her South Street. Any other thoughts? Not Chinatown, because we've already taken her there.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Well,Thoreau just opened and have heard from people that went to their other venue, Blue Sage that even meatlovers love this vegetarian place.
    Bibou is the best new french food in town, sure there is vegetarian on the menu, but a little meat heavy
    Stella definitly a treat.......yummy, little expensive for what you get, but def fun to experience at least once-------and erfect for veg and meat eaters

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    1. re: bonappetite

      What about an Indian restaurant? Plenty of vegetarian dishes to be had there!

    2. Do you need to eat meat? Horizons is at 7th & Bainbridge, right near South St, and is very good. I don't miss the meat there at all. It's an upscale type place, good for a nice dinner, definitely a bit fancier and more expensive than Stella--but a better value IMO.

      1. Would prefer a restaurant that is not solely vegetarian but has good options for our vegetarian exchange student. Also...not limited to South Street area. Any more ideas welcome!

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          How about Zahav? Or Kanella? Those are places I often eat with my vegetarian friends and we are all happy.

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            Those are two great suggestions. Any of Garces's restaurants would be great as well. A 17-year-old exchange student might enjoy the fun feel of Distrito.

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              I am vegetarian and love dining at Zahav, Kanella, Amada, and Distrito (agree that the atmosphere there is the most fun of the group), but think it would be something of a travesty to NOT go to Horizons in this case. We are fortunate enough to have the best veg restaurant in the states (IMHO) right here in Philly, so to have someone from someplace so far away who's interested in veg cuisine right here and not take her? Ouch. It kinda makes my heart hurt thinking about it. They are the only veg'n restaurant to be invited to cook at James Beard House, and are just phenomenal. I have many non-veg friends and relatives who have been blown away by Horizon's, too. Also, you mentioned wanting to show her South Street -- Horizon's is not half a block from South Street, so that would take care of that wish as well.

              1. re: spyturtle008

                I agree. I'm not vegetarian and Horizons is awesome no matter whether you like meat or not. You can eat meat after she goes back to France.

        2. this really doesn't answer your question about lunch or dinner, but if she hasn't been to capogiro you should definitely take her. french people i've known find the idea of cucumber or lavender ice cream very intriguing.
          agreed about distrito, btw.

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          1. re: Bob Loblaw

            Agree with Distrito too, but unless they eat fish, i don't remember a lot of vegetarian choices......but aybe that's only because i enjoyed the short ribs, pork and fish tacos so much! Nachos are awesome too, and i was not a big fan of some corn dish/side, but everyone else i've been there with a few times loves it..

          2. A French vegetarian??? Skip dinner and head straight to National Geographic, you've found a very rare creature