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Feb 17, 2010 07:52 AM

Black and White cookies?

Looking to get my dad some black and white cookies for his birthday.

Any bakeries in Austin sell them??

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  1. I saw some at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago. Didn't try them, though....

    1. MannyHattans has terrific Black and White Cookies. Large, like you will remember from NYC or Brooklyn or Queens! I was there for dinner and my car battery died. While I was waiting IN the restaurant for someone to help, I noticed the B&W cookies and asked if they were authentic. The owner gave me one and it was delicous! I was surprised to learn that they make them right here because MannyHattans brings in CheseCake from NYC as well as Bagels. The taste was so authentic that I thought the cookies were an import too! You will enjoy them.The corned beef and pastrami is the best you will get in Austin albeit not Kosher. They also serve new pickles and half garlic in a bucket on the table.

      Belated Happy Birthday to your Dad!

      RS Mallory

      Manny's Uptown Kitchen
      9503 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

      1. Sweetish Hill black and white shortbread cookies and they are divine. Extremely smooth and buttery. The chocolate part has a good amount of chocolate flavor so that it can be differentiated from the plain part.
        OK, now I want to go get one and a cup of coffee. Mmm, Sweetish Hill...

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          Bountiful Bakery (Westlake and Galleria) has them but they are mini B/Ws. They are made with real chocolate too so they are richer than the ones I remember. Not the way I prefer them, but they are tasty. Expensive, though.

          Bountiful Bakery & Cafe
          3201 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX