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Feb 17, 2010 07:46 AM

massaman curry paste [London]

Hello - am going to have a try at cooking this for a friend. Not brave enough to make the sauce from scratch a la Rick Stein but following the rest of his recipe. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend a good paste - am in central London so close to the supermarkets in chinatown

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  1. I recommend Mae Ploy brand, you'll find these downstairs in the supermarket that's halfway down Gerrard St on the side nearest Shaftesbury Ave. At the front of the shop you'll find a little room that sells lots of fresh thai ingredients including a little pack of lemongrass / shallots and galangal. This shop also sells small tins of Thai curry pastes but I've not tried them. Mae Ploy comes in a big tub and keeps for a good long time in the fridge.
    If you're making a beef mussaman the bigger supermarket opposite sells flank which is a good cut for this dish.

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      thanks v much Juneavrile.....will check it out and that's a great tip for the meat, too!