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Feb 17, 2010 07:46 AM

Read: Why did the guy cross the road?

To get the chicken on the other side of course.

In this case the road is the Blvd of Death(Queens Blvd) and the chicken is at Cuzco Peru. What a great additon to the Forest Hills food landscape. Anyone who has lived and eaten in FH for any considerable time will have to admit that it falls somewhere between average and a smidge above average. It does have good chinese and good diners but so does every neighborhood in Queens. What it did not have until now was a go to rotisserie chicken spot. I hereby introduce you to CUZCO PERU.

The menu, food & service here are all great. A full meal with sides will run you under $20 bucks. Not to mention that there is considerable parking and tables. Other places such as Pio-Pio (which is fine) dont have the space or the parking. This is a place that all you CO-OP dwellers can walk to and enjoy. I visit or order in at least once per week. The delivery I will add is always very quick. One time they sent the wrong item they returned with the correct item and a free dessert. Free dessert, are their two words that go together better.

So I say this to all of you looking for a quick, inexpensive change of pace from the celebration of mediocrity that is Austin Street, GO TO CUZCO. Please be advised I am not advocating Michelin Stars or a James Beard Award. What I will say is that this place adds a nice change to food scene here and we should embrace that and eat their chicken. (and lots of green sauce)

As always eat more cake


Cuzco Peru
98-102 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I noticed this place for the first time last night. I was driving past the block and said omg where did this come from. I live a block or two from there and do not even have to cross the B of D. I love Pio Pio but picking up from there is quite a production with parking. I will definitely be a customer.

    1. this place is affiliated with another location right? walked by when it opened a few months ago but forgot to check it out again. anything else good besides the chix? do they do the fried seafood thing like pio-pio also?