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Feb 17, 2010 07:29 AM

Sunday lunch in Etobicoke?

We're baptising our daughter on May 9 and would like to have a lunch reception afterwards for 18 people...somewhere in the Kingsway/BWV area, church is located at 3055 Bloor St. W.
I had my heart set on The Old Mill brunch buffet, but because May 9 is Mothers Day they are only taking reservations for 2 seatings 1030 or 1130 am both are too early as our mass doesn't end until 130pm.
I was thinking of ViBo?
My inlaws are I was hoping for Italian style (antipasto, pasta, meat etc etc set menu)..pricing isn't an issue but since it is Mothers Day I know I need to act fast on some reservations.
Any suggestions?
Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Check with Bloom...not usually open Sunday...but I assume they are doing something on Mother's day

    1. I held my husband's 40th birthday dinner for 20 friends and familly members last summer at La Veranda Osteria at the corner of Royal York and Bloor. We enjoyed it completely. All of the grownups loved the food, and the staff were great with our kids (aged 3 yrs and 10 mths at that time, along with 2 older kids). Been to ViBo before with hubby, and must say that we enjoyed La Veranda a wee bit better.

      See website:

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        I would agree with Madcar and La Veranda would have been my suggestions over ViBo. Likely they will accomodate with a good set menu.