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Feb 17, 2010 05:28 AM

Comfortable, high quality food, takes reservations?

My parents are coming in to town on Saturday to celebrate my recent engagement. I don't want to go someplace super fancy, and I was hoping the Hounds could help me out. I'm looking for someplace that has decent vegetarian options, that isn't too noisy (my stepdad has minor hearing problems), takes reservations (or else doesn't have much of a line on a Saturday night), and most importantly, has very good food. I was hoping to go to Garden at the Cellar, but they don't take reservations. I live in Somerville but am happy to go into Boston for a good meal. Thank you for whatever suggestions you have!

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  1. vee vee in jp should fit the bill. they're turning out inventive dishes w/an emphasis on fresh vegetables & fish. the room is small, not very loud, refined but not fussy. and it's not very expensive either.

    1. Lineage in Coolidge Corner has lots of fish dishes but not sure about veggies besides salads. I prefer the room where the bar is. Gargoyle's in Somerville might work, Rendezvous in Central Sq. Ten Tables outside of Harvard Sq.

      1. Erbaluce is one of my favorite restaurants right now, takes reservations, and is quite vegetarian-friendly (and willing to be flexible about converting non-vegetarian menu items to vegetarian options where possible).

        I'll second Ten Tables (either Cambridge or JP). T. W. Food in Huron Village is also very good and vegetarian-friendly, although maybe a bit more fancy than Ten Tables.

        1. Thanks, all! I'm leaning toward Erbaluce, which I didn't know about. It sounds wonderful. Vee Vee sounds intriguing too, but a little more of a schlep from Somerville. And I will definitely make note of Ten Tables and Lineage.

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              I went to Hungry Mother a year ago and loved it, but there now appears to be no vegetarian entree on their menu - just trout, pork, catfish, steak, and chicken. And I'm sure the chef would throw something together for me on request, but if I'm going to go out to a fairly expensive restaurant, I want to know that my meal got the same level of thought and creativity as the lamb or quail or what have you. I've had very mixed success at other restaurants asking the chef to make me an entree if there isn't a vegetarian one on the menu.

              Sorry for the rant - this city is great for vegetarians, except when it comes to upscale restaurants. That's slowly changing, I think (hope!).