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Feb 17, 2010 04:20 AM

Vietnamese Cajun

Anyone know of a vietnamese cajun style restaurant in the metroplex? I was in Southern Ca and friends took me to a place which served boiled seafood (shrimp, sausage, crawfish, etc.) similar to the Summer Platter at Aw Shucks or the Boiling Pot in Austin, but much more intensely flavored. The thick seasonings and spices covered everything and the flavors were intense.

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  1. I can't think of any such specific restaurant here. There are some Vietnamese here from New Orleans but I don't think they've opened any Cajun restaurants. I know Zander's was serving some Cajun specials for Fat Tuesdays but they're typically a Vietnamese (-ish) restaurant.

    1. You are thinking of The Boiling Crab - Walnut and Plano in Garland. The first one opened in Little Saigon in the OC in 2004.

      1. There are actually a number of them in the metroplex. The two I most frequent are The Boiling Crab and Cajun Corner. I believe these two originated in CA.

        1. If you are in the mood for crawfish, check this place out:

          Crawfish Hut (Saigon Mall)
          3212 N Jupiter Rd, Garland

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            The one in Saigon Mall is called Cajun Hut, our favorite. Cheaper than The Boiling Crab.

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              Boiling Crab is one of the more expensive places for crawfish. I've seen them charge $6 to $8 a pound, and they also charge that much for frozen ones when it is out of season! I used to go to Fish on Fire, which has now closed, so thanks for the tip.