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Feb 17, 2010 04:17 AM

South Beach suggestions?

I will be in Sobe next month with 3 other ladies..we are mid-30's..from NYC....looking for a couple of local restaurants/bars-lounge that not only have great food but great atmosphere. We're no longer hard core partiers but we still enjoy a fun vibe. Not necessarily fine dining...we do enough of that in our home down. We already have reservations at STK and Bond ST. (anyone been?). We are staying at the Shore Club.

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  1. Not sure what the crowd is like at stk but I know it is good at meat market. You might want to do happy hour on friday at smith and wollensky -- but I would not recommend eating there. Also I would do scarpetta at the fountainbleu on satruday. I know you have one in ny but you are looking for a fun sceney place...

    1. STK in Miami is very much like the one in NYC. Its basically a restaurant and lounge mixed together... a DJ playing music, good people watching and lively atmosphere.

      Some other places you could try Asia de Cuba, Prime 112, Mr Chow, Hakkasan, Casa Tua, Nemo.

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        Nemo is dead but the rest fulfill the sceney requirement. Prime 112 is more a 40+ crowd these days...Hakkasan is beautiful but it is somewhat difficult to people watch there because of the design. It is sceney though...

      2. Bond St. is great for what youre looking for and you could hit up the rooftop bar too. I'll admit I've yet to go to STK in Miami but Meat Market is right up your alley. The food is great, service attentive and friendly, and the bar scene is sexy. I also recommend Solea at the W Hotel and you could do drinks after at Wall or in the lounge there or walk over to Gansvoort or the Setai for drinks/scene. Prime 112 is overhyped, Mr Chow's food is subpar, and Nemo is dead. You would love the scene at Hakkasan but dinner itself would be more "private" because of the way the restaurant is sectioned like tpigeon said. The bar there is pretty sweet though and they make good drinks that you ladies will enjoy.

        Feb/March is a great time to visit Miami. Enjoy!

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          I just went to the W last weekend and going to solea to eat then hitting the scene at mr chow (or the bar at the W) is another good option. Mr. Chow is extremely sceney now. I wish them the best but I will never eat there. I was unimpressed when I ate there in NY years ago and I am not a masochist.

          1. re: tpigeon

   you have eaten at good..tapas?? So we could basically show up at W and have a great night there for most of a night? In terms of Sushi..have you been to Bond St....any other place with a good vibe/great fish you recommend? We are only there 3 nights..STK already planned so basically two nights left. STK in NYC is an event in itself..we never go anywhere once we are there.. I assume Miami would be the same?

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              Oh..Jo's Stone Crab....have been in Chicago...didn't really knock my socks off but is the Miami outpost worth a night (not really a bar scene though..just food ..correct?)

              1. re: mjbonello

                The two are totally different. I have relatives in chicago who insist on eating at joes every time they come here. They rate joes in chicago below shaws but rate the joes in miami above it. There is no management relationship between the 2 joes btw.

                I ate at bond st 6 months ago and it was still the best sushi in south beach which is not saying much. It is good. The crowd should still be good there.

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                  I stake my rep on saying you will enjoy the food @ Bond St and the scene, especially if its a nice night for pre or post-dinner drinks on the rooftop of the Townhouse. If youre hell bent on STK, then forget Meat Market. Personally, Id go with original over chain/2nd coming, but its your call. You could def do a whole night at W if you wanted to between Solea and Wall or W bar after. If you want overpriced Chinese food, go to Hakkasan instead of Chow. At least Hakkasan has kickass food.

                  I've lived in Miami almost 9 years and have been to Joe's once and only got takeout. Stone crabs just dont do it for me really, nor does a ridiculous wait for a table when there are plenty of other options. Thats just my opinion and Im sure others will disagree.

                  1. re: Blind Mind

                    If you don't like stone crab, you can always get the killer crab claws which in my opinion is the best thing they have on the menu and they are not served in many places around the country -- you get them hot with butter unlike stone crabs which you should eat with the mustard.

                    Mr. Chow at the w has the best scene up to 11pm so you can hang out at the bar area there until then. Again, I would not eat at Chow...

                    1. re: Blind Mind

                      Mr Chow serves some of the blandest, most expensive food ever. if you want the scene, just go to the bar for a $40 glass of champagne. If you want excellent, expensive Chinese in a great ambience, go to Hakkasan--that's something at least you don't have in NYC. Yet.
                      As for STK, I went. It's tasty steak but LOUD. They have a DJ booth inside the main dining room. If you don't mind having throbbing bass with your beef, go for it. If not, Meat Market is the best choice, food wise.