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Feb 16, 2010 10:12 PM

Lunch near I-84/CT-8

I'm driving up to Berkshire County from NYC in a few days. Looking for a great lunch along the way. What's your favorite lunch spot near either I-84 or CT-8? Quick replies appreciated.

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  1. This isn't exactly what you were looking for but worth a bit of a ride.
    2525 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111-4109

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    1. re: yeahthatsme

      Coming up I-84 you want Blackies in Cheshire. Exit 26 of I-84. Hot Dog with relish. Great old time joint.

      1. re: yeahthatsme

        Doogie's is nowhere near near I-84 or Route 8. tangleroc, please don't get led astray. :) If you've got a hot dog craving, you've got two other suggestions that are right along your route as you requested.

      2. If you are looking for more of a sit down as opposed to a fast serve type of restaurant I would suggest:

        La Tavola Waterbury CT

        Black Rock Thomaston CT

        If you are looking for a fast serve place I would vote for a roast beef sandwich from Sheiks Sandwich Shop in Torrington or Dominican food from La Cazuela in Waterbury.

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          I second La Tavola if you truly seek a great lunch (exit 18 off I-84). Many reviews here if you'd like additional info:

          Directions here:

        2. Al's hot dogs in Naugatuck is the place. The hippo dog is great, and the chili cheese dog is on my food wall! Al's is right off rt 8 just before Waterbury.

          1. I guess there is a subliminal (hotdog), message here I am not picking up on?!

            How about Crave, in Ansonia? Eclectic Spanish:

            Also in Waterbury is Brass City Bistro with easy access from I-84: That or La Tavola.. about the same distance from 8.

            Also Uncle Willie's BBQ-Waterbury. Easy off and on from 8. This is supposed to be the best of the Uncle Willie's. I have eaten at the West Haven spot and it is good stuff-far above average for the NE.
            558 Chase Ave
            Waterbury, CT 06704
            (203) 596-7677

            Up 8, in Torrington: Las Delicias Latina
            Recommended by several CH'ers as "Authentic Mexican": pozole, tamales, al pastore, menudo and more.
            433 Main Street
            Torrington, CT 06790
            (860) 482-8833

            Sorry, I don't know of good apizza anywhere close!

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            1. re: meatzaaa

              The Waterbury Uncle Willie's has shut down, soon to be replaced by a diner. It's in such a terrible location (half hidden by a retaining wall), I don't understand why anyone would go in there. Doogie's was in the same spot and went under, too.

              1. re: coldduck

                That's sad. I had it on good authority that it had been the best of all 3 (?).
                At least, here in new Haven (actually West Haven), we have a nice, almost new Uncle Willie's. I ate there and it is good. I give it three stars because it is small and basic (with sides that are average, but the Q usually deserves four stars. Cornbread is too sweet for an Oakie.

                Uncle Willie's Bbq
                403 Saw Mill Rd, West Haven, CT 06516-4014

              2. re: meatzaaa

                Great apizza near Route 8 = Roseland in Derby. Also, great red sauce food in general.

                1. re: danieljdwyer

                  Not open for lunch. We just ate at Roseland for the first time. Apizza is good, but very expensive. Large shrimp=$40! Pretty much the style of apizza for the big three in New Haven.
                  I will do a review in new thread.

                  1. re: meatzaaa

                    That $40 pizza caught me by surprise the first time. If you consider the quality, weight, and size of the shrimp, it's a good value, but not what I was expecting when I phoned in my order.
                    It's too bad they aren't open for lunch. And too bad they don't have a website stating their hours.

                2. re: meatzaaa

                  I go by this interchange e/o weekend w/the kids, so we've only hit kid-friendly spots (not usually the ones I would go alone). That said, the Brass City Bistro is hands down my favorite. We once ate at a pretty good Jamaican place called Mikeys or something like that. There's a Maggie McFly's 30 seconds off exit 17 (or 16?) just before the Rt. 8 exit (18) you will be taking. The food is OK, but not great. The kids love it.

                  1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                    Very good option for what it is ..noisy, hopping bar scene, family place...good portion sizes....some innovative choices such as Kobe beef and salmon burger sliders..Thai lettuce wraps are good....salads are consistently good...St Paddy's Day special corn beef and cabbage is enough for three to share...they offer wine by the 1/ 2 glass which is nice because that is all I ever drink anyway...veggie wrap good also ...

                    Maggie McFly's Restaurant
                    6 Woodside Ave, Middlebury, CT 06762

                    1. re: LAC06488

                      I used to work in that area (Post University) and I love to eat! My favorite places around there are:
                      Aventura- An Italian deli/bakery/takeout place in town plot. Honestly it is awesome. It's not cheap, my lunch was usually 15 bucks or so but its because EVERYTHING looks awesome so you get more than you need. I spent a semester traveling around Sicily in college and let me tell you, Aventura is the real deal.
                      Denmoos- Southbury, this is a year round burger shack. Totally outdoors, not indoor tables but worth the cold in the winter. Some of the specials are AMAZING! (softshell crab sandwich, clam chowder, crab cakes) loved this place.
                      Frankies- not healthy, not classy, just delish, fried veggies, corn dogs, all junk food but always cooked perfectly and burn your mouth hot.
                      Leo's- This place is right in front of Post, its a Deli/diner sort of feel. The chicken cordon blue panini was really good, so was the tuna melt. Simple but well executed.

                      Overrated places- Maggie McFlys. I love the menu here, it has so much potential, great bartenders and servers, but the food is super hit or miss. You could go in there and eat a great mean and a week later order the same thing and it could be terrible. IE the Thai chicken pizza- you just never know!
                      Duchess- terrible, cross between Friendlys and McD's never good
                      DIIorios- Expensive, fancy tastes likes cruise ship food blech

                      Maggie McFly's Restaurant
                      6 Woodside Ave, Middlebury, CT 06762

                3. There is always Frankie's on Reidville Rd for hotdogs and burgers and also the place next door to them they just opened serving good italian good and not expensive at all. easy on/off I-84.