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Feb 16, 2010 09:57 PM

Sal's New York Pizza Auckland report

I will start with 2 caveats: I am from NYC so I am a big pizza snob, and I am going to sound like a total shill but here goes:
This place is off the hook! It is far better pizza than anything you can get in Manhattan anymore and it is as good as almost anything I've had in Brooklyn. It is truly authentic NY pizza: perfect crust, not too chewy and not too crispy, lovely sauce, good cheese to sauce ratio.
It is important to get fresh pizza so I recommend getting your own pie ($24 for 8 slices, it's cost effective too since each slice is $4-5). If it's a busy time, you can get a good slice because there is adequate turnover, but try not to get a lone slice between 2 and 5pm.
They are in the central city on Commerce St just off Customs. This place deserves to thrive, and the owner is a real New Yorker (from Queens).


4A Commerce St, Auckland.

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