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Feb 16, 2010 09:05 PM

Aux Lyonnaise -good bistro option ?

my husband and I have a one night stop-over in Paris in May - and are keen to have a classic french bistro meal - good homely, comfort food in a classic bistro setting. We really enjoyed dining in Lyon last year - and thought Aux Lyonnaise might be a good option - any thoughts/opinions?

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  1. Yes its wonderful. My husband and I were 3 years ago. We are returning to Paris in April and plan to go again. Bon Appetit

    1. It is wonderful, not only food but theatre. My husband and I ate there 3 years ago. We are returning to Paris in April and definitely are planning a night there.

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        thanks Doreen - I have seen some inconsistent reviews on aux Lyonnaise - but it is always great to hear of positive, memorable restaurant experiences. Enjoy your Paris adventures in April !

      2. Well, I'm a nay-sayer here; I much prefer Chez Ami Jean or Reminet or the Cafe Cartouche for the ancient Bistro feel. Chez Grenouille, which Emmanuel Rubin wrote up most enthusiastically today in 'Scope was terrific a couple of weeks ago too.

        John Talbott

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          I'm with JT. Aux Lyonnais is not bad, but it's yet another soulless industrialised Ducasse place looking like something that was once good.

          No place in Paris, that I know of, offers a Lyons-like experience.

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            Thanks - I really appreciate the honest review - as this restaurant seems to attract very mixed/polarising opinions. Seems like it is hard to create the Lyon magic in the City of Lights !

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            Thanks John - I will definately check out your recommendations ! Your insider opinions are much appreciated by this food loving Aussie !

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              Speaking of Cartouche Café and Chez Grenouille: At John Talbot’s suggestion (thanks!) two weeks ago we enjoyed lunch at both. Certainly neither matches the décor of Aux Lyonnais. Cartouche Café (12eme) is a very local small bar/bistro, far from tourist sites -- one is unlikely to hear English spoken. Although the menu and carte was quite broad, on our visit we opted for simple winter fare: a fine vegetable soup in cream, and a great pork cutlet with mashed potatoes, washed down with a nice Bourgogne. (Oddly, jelly beans and “Good and Plenty” candies were served in a small glass with the bill.)

              We enjoyed Chez Grenouille even more. We had a gratin of macaroni pasta perfumed with truffles, foie de veau Lyonnaise (served very hot from the oven under a puffed pastry crown), a nice Bordeaux, and a fine chocolate soufflé. All diners appeared to be very local, and not a word of English was heard. After lunch we had a delightful conversation (in our poor French/ and their serviceable English) with the two gentlemen who sat inches from us -- one of whom seemed impressed (or was that amused?) to learn (when he gently asked) that my dining companion was my wife and not a mistress. (As I believe John T has mentioned, Madame speaks some English, and she’s very generous and accommodating.)

            2. We always enjoyed Aux Lyonnaise, and never had a poor meal there. I like the ambiance because it maintains high standards, and is consistent: it is high quality bistro.

              Chez L'Ami Jean may be a more robust experience but there are times I like to enjoy things that are a little more upmarket/predictable and Aux Lyonnaise satisfies in that regard.

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                thanks for your perspective - sounds like it offers a consistent bistro experience and stirs up a lot of loyalty from its fans ! Am getting such mixed reviews - i am now very confused - might have to go there just so I can form my own point of view !

              2. Does anyone go to Chez Savy? It seems to qualify as a very classic bistro. I know that regulars fill it at lunch, but I think it is easy to get into in the evening.