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Feb 16, 2010 08:35 PM

Lowkey date bars with great music?

Looking for bars in Lower Manhattan that are intimate but lowkey (i.e., no crazy, expensive cocktails or over-the-top romantic atmosphere), and that play great, eclectic music -- indie rock, 70's soul, 80's, Bowie, oldies, etc. Suggestions?

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  1. Zinc Bar on W 3rd St is an option. Eclectic jazz almost every night. Nice, casual atmosphere.

    1. Beauty Bar on 14th (I think around 2nd ave?) has a music selection similar to what you're searching for (they throw in some Motown, too depending on the DJ), and it's definitely low-key. It's a beauty salon but transformed into a bar and there's a dance party room in the back that can get pretty crowded. It's definitely fun and I'm pretty sure drinks aren't crazy expensive.

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        Intimate and low-key? Those are the last two words I'd ever use to describe BB. I made the horrifying mistake of going there for a friend's birthday, and it was so jam-packed and obnoxious that I didn't even order a drink...I bolted out of there within 5-minutes of walking in.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          I don't really know of any bars that would fulfill both intimate AND not romantic...just trying to help!

          1. re: Jess321

            :) I wasn't attacking you...just saying that Beauty Bar sucks/isn't right for what the OP is looking for, IMO. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.