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Feb 16, 2010 07:55 PM

I surrender... just give me chow fun

So no more whining from this ex-Canadian about the dearth of good Cantonese style food. But please, share your favorite chow fun place with me? I will go anywhere in the city, and I don't care if they sell it alongside with vegetarian burgers or pineapple pizza. I want the wok-charred, chewy noodles, caramelized beef and green onion goodness. Please share.

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  1. not in SD, but if you're ever in Vegas, Cathay House does a pretty good beef chow fun.

    If you go to Emerald in SD, make sure you ask for it "dry." They completely threw me off when they asked if I wanted it "wet" or "dry." Wet was very gross and not what I thought it would be.

    I think 99 Ranch's steam table has beef chow fun.

    Or just drive up to the SGV and hit up the Cantonese places there. Quite frankly, I wait for LA/SGV, SF or Vegas to have my Cantonese fix. Or get a close version of it via pad see ew at Saffron or Sab e Lee.

    If you find a good source here, please post! I'd love to have a closer, good source for beef chow fun too!

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      Well the brain transplants for the heathens in my midst have yet to occur... I just can't take the breaks between the SGV!!!!! I am a chow fun fiend, madman, glutton, addict. But thanks for the tip for Vegas, I may get there sooner than the SGV. I promise to share any finds, I am not selfish, just gluttonous. And you're right, pad see ew is a pretty good alternative.

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        Got any good suggestions for a place in Vancouver? I'm heading up there for the Olympics tomorrow.

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          Vij's for some of the best Indian.
          Cafe Artigiano for stellar lattes.
          Gerard's at Sutton Place is excellent for drinks & app's.
          Daniel Boulud's Lumière is sublime.

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            Hon's House of Noodles

            Not as fancy-schmancy as BC's suggestions.

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              did you want chinese food recommendations? or general? on Serious Eats, they have good lists for all kinds of top 10 restaurants. Let me know if you want chinese

        2. I don't normally eat Chow Fun when I go out since its pretty easy to make at home. However, the Chow Fun at China Max is pretty good. 168 in 99 Ranch also make a good Chow Fun even though its primarily a Taiwanese restaurant.

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            thanks, that is good to know. I never would have tried 168 as it is Taiwanese.

          2. Minh Ky on El Cajon Boulevard is the place for Chow Fun (or noodles in general, both dry and in soup). I usually get the beef chow fun with chinese brocoli. The noodles have an incredible smoky flavor that I haven't found anywhere else in SD.


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              That place is great, although they can go overboard with the MSG in their soups. It doesn't normally effect me, so they must have been using a LOT of MSG.

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                fantastic, can't wait to try, thanks

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                  Best place I have found for Chinese and Vietnamese noodles (except for Pho - go two blocks east to Pho Hoa). My favorite is the house special egg noodle soup. The crispy fried noodles is also great.

                  The best part is that the prices are very low and the quality high.

                  Pho Hoa Restaurant
                  4717 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

                  Minh Ky Chinese Restaurant
                  4644 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115