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Feb 16, 2010 07:55 PM

One night (Thursday)- what *classic* restaurant?

Will be in town Thursday night- my buddy and I have decided to splurge and do one of the classic New Orleans places- Antoine's, Galatoire's, etc.

What would be the current choice among Chowhounds? Because it will only be one meal, price isn't really an object. And I can probably find a jacket to wear if needed.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info...

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    1. re: nikinik

      Galatoire's first, then Arnaud's...

      1. there is only one choice. galatoire's.

        1. Well, you guys were right- chose Galatoire's and it turned out very good. Had two kinds of oysters for a warm up (Rockafella and another that was wrapped in bacon and fried), both of us had fish- my buddy had black drum menuire(sp) with lump crabmeat added, and I had the same only with trout. Mine was excellent, and from the way my friend scarfed his down it must have been just as good! Broccoli with Hollandaise on the side might have been my favorite thing though!

          By the way, my friend had picked up a couple of Hubig pies for me as a gift- we had them sitting on the table, and practically every waiter in the place noticed them and wanted one- if you want to make friends with some of them, sneak in a couple of pies and add them to your tip!

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          1. re: Clarkafella

            Sounds like oysters en brochette, and a fun time.

            1. re: Clarkafella

              hubig's pies! i am so missing them now that i am home. i think i'll have some sent here to l.a.!

              1. re: califkatie

                Noticed on their web site that you can order them now!

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  we would go to verti marte late at night(it's open 24 hours), order food and take it back to our room for late night alcohol soaker-uppers. we always grabbed some pies. we liked coconut and sweet potato. some of those late night deli's in the quarter are fun people watching places. p.s. glad you chose galatoires. my absolute favorite new orleans restaurant, quintesential.