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Feb 16, 2010 07:24 PM

Brunch near Londsdale Quay

Looking for a brunch spot for Sat the 27th or Sun the 28th (yes I know the last weekend of the Games). Ideally would be within 2-3 blocks of the Quay for someone to walk to with an infant (8 months) and suitable for said infant, 2 greatgrandparents in their early 80s, as well as 3 adults. All are good eaters but things like not too loud, comfortable seats for the older pair, etc are of great importance. Advice appreciated.

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  1. Went to the Cheshire Cheese on the second floor of the market. Seems it would suit all your needs.

    1. Sorry to answer my own post but we ended up at the new Pinnacle Hotel at the corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade. Of course it was a bit more energetic because of the Olympic buzz but fit the bill nicely. Staff went out of their way to be attentive to both ends of the age spectrum and the food was solid (imagine most hotel dining room menus for a Saturday morning) with nice touches like free range eggs, good quality toast, and excellent coffee (and wife who is an Earl Grey drinker lauded the quality of the tea and the fact that it was in loose leaves).

      All in all, for what we needed it fit the bill so would recommend to others needing something in this area.