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Feb 16, 2010 06:39 PM

Asian or other near E. 34th and 2nd ave for lunch?

I have a doctor's appointment way east on 34th street. And I'll have been fasting for 12 hours for the checkup. What's around there (especially Asian -- my favorite cuisine) that would be a good reward after the checkup? Not expensive, but good?

I suppose the Grand Sichan near there would work but I have 2 branches near me in the Village so some other restaurant would be nice.


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  1. "Asian" is really broad. do you prefer Japanese? Sushi? Chinese?

    or you can shoot over a few avenues West to Koreatown...

    1. Not Asian, but you've got Pio Pio for some great Peruvian roast chicken right there. If you walk a bit to 32nd between 5th and 6th, there's Koreatown. There are also more Korean restaurants on 35th between 5th and 6th. And if you want to try a different Szechuan restaurant, Lan Sheng and Szechuan Gourmet are on 39th between 5th and 6th.

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        Pio Pio was my first thought for lunch as well. Either that or hit up one of the Indian buffets in Curry Hill.

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          pio pio is always my go to over there.

      2. There isn't lots of really good Asian. Mishima on 30th and Lex is decent. Also if you head south to Curry Hill, you have lots of options for Indian food between 26th-29th on Lexington and the surrounding areas. Although I suspect that when you say Asian, you mean East Asian.

        My choice would be Mandangsui on 35th for delicious Korean food although it's slightly pricey.

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          I love Madangsui and also recently had a wonderful dinner at Don's Bogan (thanks once again primarily to a recommendation from Lau).

          If it were me, I'd go down to one of the South Indian restaurants for lunch (Saravaana Bhavan, Chennai Garden, or if it were too late for lunch at either place, Madras Mahal), but I don't think that's what adorno means by "Asian."

        2. Not Asian, but Ali Baba's has amazing Turkish food.

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            Another vote for Ali Baba. In fact, I first found it when I was seeing my doctor on 34th near the tunnel entrance, when it was a pizzeria with a small restaurant in back. Shortly thereafter Eric Asimov wrote it up, they were discovered, outgrew the little joint and opened up the new place that's at least 4 times as big and always busy. They have a lunch special (about $10) that includes a main course and a soup or appetizer (I'd recommend the eggplant salad), and fabulous fresh-baked bread.



          2. 33rd between 3rd and Lex is Nomado and it is very good. Also Talent Thai food is on 34th between 2nd and 3rd.