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Who Cooks the Best Quail

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Looking to devour some quail with a good red wine. Any recommendations? Preferably Valley but I will travel over the hill to the westside.

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  1. Probably Animal or Lazy Ox.

    1. I've had very nice Quail with Huckleberry sauce at Craft on two occasions in the last two months.

      1. Animal's Quail Fry is exceptional.

        435 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

        1. Osteria Mozza has a very good quail in pancetta with radicchio and sage honey--though I prefer the guinea hen there if I am in a fowl mood. The quail fry at Animal is outrageous but might be more of a white wine version. Josie also has a delicious grilled quail appetizer that is wrapped in bacon.

          1. Agree on Animal's quail fry. Also the Golden Fork, Armenian place on Santa Monica Blvd. has a fantastic grilled quail, but I dont' think they have wine.

            1. Bistro LQ often has some excellent quail.

              Bistro LQ
              8009 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

              1. The Oaxacan Ancestran Black Mole (quail topped with traditional black mole) at Moles La Tia deserves serious consideration. The quail itself, having deep roots in Oaxacan cuisine, was deftly prepared - flavorful, tender and yet pleasantly chewy. The rich black mole added an element of depth and complexity resulting in a dish that was at once substantial and commendable. Solid in all respects.

                You will have to BYOB since Moles La Tia serves no alcohol whatsoever. The libation lover in me was indeed well pacified by a tall glass of their delicious jugo de cucumber. In addition, the horchata is among the best I’ve ever had.

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                  Call ahead to check to see if Quail is available, the last time we went, they were out. :(

                  Also, you can have the quail with ANY of the moles... I'd love it with Mancha Manteles actually....

                  I have found MLT is VERY friendly with BYOW. :)


                2. Rivera serves it, but unfortunately it's only a tapas serving of one quail - but it is mighty tasty.