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Feb 16, 2010 05:25 PM

1+ days in NYC, 3 meals...Ethiopian? Turkish? Sushi?

Will be staying at about 200 block West 79th/ish/Hayden and we'll be
visiting Columbia Univ. both late afternoon fo the first day and most of the second day.

We have one lunch (relaxed) and one dinner (relaxed) that won't be pressed between commitments...

Need not be pricey/fancy

We are in Fl now so wo when we get to Boston/NYC/Wash DC we take advantage of what we are missing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. If you get to Washington, DC with any regularity, I'd skip the Ethiopian in NYC.

    1. Turkish Kitchen serves excellent food, has efficient service, and very attractive ambiance.
      We have been there countless times, most recently a couple of weeks ago for a small lunch.

      Photos here:

      1. If you'll be around Columbia University, you have an excellent option for Ethiopian! Zoma (8th Ave. & 113th St.) is a few blocks away and is the best Ethiopian I've had in NYC. Much better than Meskerem, Awash, etc. There's also a decent Turkish place called Turkauz (Bway & 100th St.) nearby. Sadly I can't recommend any sushi place in that neighborhood or UWS in general.

        1. While Turkish Kitchen has nice ambience and excellent food, I find it way overpriced. I much prefer Ali Baba. The one time I tried Turkuaz (sp?) it was awful.

          You'll get much better Ethiopian food in D.C., where there's a large Ethiopian community.

          The Upper West Side is not a great food neighborhood, though actually, Sevens Turkish Grill, on W. 72nd will do in a pinch--nice atmosphere, reasonably priced, good food.

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          1. re: Peter Cherches

            I like Ali Baba, but I think the food at Turkish Kitchen is superior. I don't agree that T.K. is "way overpriced." I consider prices to be moderate, especially considering the consistent high quality of the food. At lunch, there are two prix fixes which are very good values: 2 courses for $9.95 and 4 courses for $16.95.

            Btw, you've spelled Turkuaz correctly. We've never tried it.

            1. re: Peter Cherches

              You spelled Turkuaz correctly -- I mangled the spelling. I've eaten there a couple times and found it to be decent. Would like to try both Turkish Kitchen and Sevens Turkish Grill -- what do you guys recommend from there?

              IMO while UWS is not exactly EV, I don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be -- there are worse places to stay in Manhattan.

              1. re: uwsister

                All the mezzes at Turkish Kitchen are excellent. In fact, there have been occasions where we've made an entire meal of just a whole bunch of hot and cold mezzes. But the two we always order are the eggplant and the filo scrolls, both of which you can see in the photos I linked to in my first post. The lentil soup (there's photos of it as well) is wonderful, but it is only on the menu during the winter months. The shepherd's salad is first-rate. My favorite main course is the grilled lamb chops.

                While we don't eat all that often on the UWS, I agree with you that there are quite a few excellent dining options there, so it's far from a culinary wasteland.

            2. We like Zeytin (Columbus and 85th) for Turkish. It's good but I don't know that it's worth going out of one's way for. It's better than Turkuaz, though I do love the whole tent effect thing going on at Turkuaz (and the belly dancer!).

              Zoma is on my list to try. Awash is fine but Meskerem in Hell's Kitchen is better.