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Feb 16, 2010 05:25 PM

Is Pinkberry ever going to open in Boston?

I've heard about a Pinkberry opening in Boston, but when is this actually going to happen? Their web-site has said "Swirling Soon" for months and I'm starting to doubt that I'll ever be able to get Pinkberry here. Does anyone have any info about this?

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  1. What's the difference between Pinkberry and the already open Berry Line or boYO?

    Having had Pinkberry I've found these places to be identical.

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    1. re: TroyOLeary

      I actually find the taste difference between Pinkberry and Berryline to be noticable. Pinkberry has a much more creamy and smooth taste to my palate. Berryline tastes tart and has an aftertaste to me.

      My wife loves Berryline, but I really wont eat it. If we are somewhere with a Pinkberry I will enjoy that though. I also find Pinkberry's toppings to be more to my liking with better overall quality.

      Does anyone know where the Harvard Square location is due to open? This would be a welcome addition.

      1. re: TroyOLeary

        Berryline and pinkberry are pretty much the same, but berryline is a little more tart. BoYo is the only one that does tart yogurt and gelato, but a little pricey. Red Mango doesn't taste the same as the original ones in CA and NY. Berry Freeze has 8-9 self serve yogurt (only one in Boston as far as I know). Doesn't seem like the Boston market is saturated yet as in CA but it's looking like it will soon!

        1. re: MikeyS

          Good to know about the tartness. That's why I like Berryline. IMO yogurt is *supposed* to be tart. I hadn't tasted tart frozen yogurt for a long, long time. I'll still try the others though, but I like that there's a tart alternative out there.

      2. This might help answer your question:

        Hard to say what the difference is between PinkBerry and BerryLine. They definitely have different flavor offerings and different toppings. The concept is more or less the same. Both are tasty though if both end up in Harvard Square I would personally try to support the local upstart rather than the national celebrity.

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        1. re: hckybg

          Thanks! Hopefully that one in Harvard Square does open in the Spring. I'm doubtful though because it isn't on the Pinkberry web-site as "swirling soon."

          Also, most of the froyo places we have in Boston are pretty bad. I like the local aspect, but BerryLine/BerryFreeze/etc would close within a month if they were in CA. The quality just isn't the same.

          1. re: ToothMan

            There's Red Mango on Mass Ave across the Boston Symphony. I've never been able to find parking there so never bother.

            1. re: ToothMan

              I'm a Pinkberry fan after living in CA. I like Boyo in Brookline a lot and although it's not Pinkberry, it's comparable and they offer a lot of the same toppings (mochi included).

          2. In case you missed it: Pinkberry is in Hingham and I believe the Boston location is going to open this fall or next spring?? Can't recall but i know it's coming soon....Hingham is open now though :-)

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            1. re: BellatrixStar

              There is also a new place in Allston called Mixx (corner of Brighton Ave and Chester St)
              that uses the Berry Freeze pay-what-it-weighs model. They have a good selection of flavors and toppings (with mochi since that was mentioned above). Flavors are good, some you can taste the tartness of the yogurt, others you can't.
              I've only been to Pinkberry once so I'm not fit to judge Mixx against it but I prefer Mixx to Berry Freeze for whatever that's worth.

              1. re: fragolino

                Yes, Mixx is by far my favorite of the recent crop of Pinkberry knockoffs to open around town: decent fresh fruit options, at least at the moment, and the yogurt tastes pretty good. It's still not something I'm in the mood for often, though.

              2. re: BellatrixStar

                According to the Harvard Crimson from a few days ago, they'll be opening in Harvard Square in the spring (in the old Alpha Omega building):


                1. re: BellatrixStar

                  Pinkberry in Hingham has been a mob scene since it opened on August 20th. In the evenings the line often stretches out the door with a wait of 15-20 minutes to get to the front of the line.

                2. Popped into Berryline for the first time - and I guess I just don't get it.

                  Frozen yogurt in plain, raspberry or guava flavors -

                  Menu says: 1) Pick a size; 2) pick a flavor; 3) pick a topping

                  Ok, $2.75 for a small 5 oz. serving, $3.50 for an 8 oz. serving...that seems reasonable -

                  But then I realize that the "pick a topping" costs an additional $1 minimum. So it's not like ooh, you get a topping for your portion size price...a little bit of a bait and switch (although the topping prices are very obviously marked.)

                  So it's a kiddie cup of frozen yogurt with a spoonful of fruit for $3.75? How could that be worth it?

                  Also, I know BERRYline is the name, but why plain and two fruit flavors, when you have toppings such as nuts, peanut butter candy, etc.? I get fruit with fruit, but guava with reese's pieces would be weird.

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                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Two of the canonical toppings with this kind of frozen yogurt are Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch! In that context, things like Reese's Pieces seem almost Puritan!

                    1. re: Bob Dobalina

                      I usually get the plain yogurt with 2-3 fresh fruit toppings. It's a nice low-calorie alternative to ice cream if you want something cold on a hot day. Even with the plain yogurt, the chocolate/candy toppings don't work all that well because the yogurt is too tart.

                      1. re: blink617

                        Yeah, I don't think chocolate, in general, works with frozen yogurt (e.g., chocolate chips), but somehow Oreo crumbles with plain yogurt is fantastic and the crunch factor is really nice with it, too. I usually get it this combination with raspberries.

                      2. re: Bob Dobalina

                        Can't speak to the value of toppings, but I enjoy BerryLine and every other froyo/pinkberry ripoff if only for the nice tart yogurt taste. Guess that's why I prefer the plain with just a fruit, maybe two. Light, refreshing and relatively healthy.

                        1 Arrow St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                        1. re: kobuta

                          Exactly. We usually get a small plain w/pineapple to share when we want something light and refreshing. When I want creamy and sweet I eat ice cream.

                          1. re: viperlush

                            yeah! One of the chains, I think it's berryline, has mochi as a topping. I really enjoyed that.

                      3. pinkberry is opening next month on newbury street. between gloucester and hereford. yum!

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                        1. re: chubscout

                          Yup, Newbury Street and soon, Harvard Square. My guess is, there will be at least a few more opening in the area in the not-too-distant future.

                              1. re: hiddenboston

                                I can't wait for Pinkberry to open somewhere here cause I hate Red Mango. Red Mango gave me a pathetic half empty medium cup of hollowed out yogurt with tiny bitsy of fruits for $4.50. I don't remember the three branches I tried in Queens and NYC ripping me off like that.