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Best Steak Tartar in Paris

Hi I am looking for the best steak tartar in paris

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  1. No idea whether it's the best, but the one at La Rotonde, Blvd. Montparnasse (M°: Vavin), a lively brasserie in Montparnasse, is often recommended here and there. It's open daily and has a continuous service. A perfect place for people watching as well.

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      I don't know about "best" either; the Steak Tartare du Limousin (17 euros) at Brasserie Balzar is quite good. The dish is prepared at the center wait station, in your full view. The serving is substantial; add in a handful of their great frites and you won't go away hungry.

    2. I hate to admit it, but the tartare at Cafe Marly was really good: tasty, quality, lean beef, not over spiced, so you could taste the meat.

      Generally, tartare in Paris is a safe bet. A lot of places do a decent rendition. I wonder if Parisians like it more than people in other cities. In Geneva, tartare was always a competition for who could add the most onions, pepper and ketchup to create the most crunchy, foul-tasting mess.

      1. Meating in the 17th in the ex-Apicius space? Fries average for Paris.

        John Talbott

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          First hand report that the steak tartare at La Rotund is fantastic! Best I've eaten and yummy frites too if you like thick ones, golden crisp on the outside and creamy inside. Served with eye watering hot mustard, a nice little side salad, good crusty bread and it's heaven (especially sitting outside on a sunny afternoon as the parade of people pass by!)

        2. My favorite is at Chez Denise size of a big hockey puck and perfect. Too large for one, usually get as appetizer and share with the table.

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            On M. Delucacheesemonger's recommendation we went to Chez Denise and had the steak tartare. Sweet and tasty, enough for many, shouldn't be missed.

          2. Many good options indeed. Joséphine is not half bad, massive and prepared table side. Many neighborhood bistrots do it very well. Le Sévero has it too, "au couteau" if I'm not mistaken (which is a rarity).

            1. LaCaveau on Place Dauphine. Cannot keep away from it every time I'm in Paris!

              1. I can be quite critical of Flo's dumbing-down of brasserie food in Paris, but in their restaurants where I've tried it (La coupole, Le vaudeville and Terminus Nord) they do make a decent tartare with good meat. And as it's prepared by your waiter at table side or at a station near your table, so you can certainly have the seasoning adjusted to suit your taste. Or if you're really fussy, you can have it brought to your table unseasoned, and do the mixing yourself.

                The funniest one of these was at Terminus Nord, very early on a Sunday morning (very early being 11, when they opened). A friend was catching a lunchtime Eurostar back to London but complained that she hadn't had tartare. So she insisted that I find her some before she left. Terminus Nord had it, and opened early enough for us to eat and for her to catch her train. So while the waiters were still serving café crème to tables around us, there we were, with a mountain of raw beef, salad, fries and a small carafe of Brouilly, I think. It may not have been the very best breakfast I'd ever had, but it counts as one of the most memorable.

                1. I had a very good steak tartare here:

                  Les Fines Gueules
                  43 rue Croix des Petits Champs, 75001

                    1. Oddly enough, I just returned from Paris (was there for the marathon) and coincidentally had Steak Tartar for my departing meal. Twenty years ago I lived in Paris while doing the Pastry Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu. My first meal there was Steak Tartar at a lovely restaurant up the street from my flat. Last week it was the same restaurant. It was just as beautiful both times. The restaurant is Les Philosophes at 28, rue Vieille du Temple in le Marais (M°: St Paul). It really doesn't matter what you have there, it's just a wonderful restaurant with exceptional price:value ratio.

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                        Kate - It is also a great people watching place in the heart of the Marais

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                          hi, just wonder if one would need a reservation for les philosophes or it is ok to drop in while strolling in the neighbourhood?

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                            Everyone likes you to make a reservation before you go, two years ago we went there and walked in, made a reservation for later that evening, went across the street to a (library)bar that they own, and then went back for dinner. I had the steak tartare which was abundant (liked it better at Chez Denise)but had the duck confit, which has a taste of honey to it, and it was delish. I am thinking about going back next week.

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                              I have never reserved, to me it is a drop in place. But it does get busy so if you can it is wise to do so.