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Feb 16, 2010 04:38 PM

any worth while restaurants to check out???

I will be in NYC for the weekend...can someone suggest any where to go have a good dinner. I have been to Nubo and Mr.Chow way too many times.


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  1. I've never been to Nubo or Mr. Chow but you'll need to be more specific what you're looking for.

    Cuisine? Neighborhood? Price? Atmosphere? Reservations or walk-ins only?

    Your request is very vague and unlikely to yield meaningful results without narrowing down your search criteria.

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      1. re: RGR

        Hahaha... OK, that gave me a chuckle. Yes, the OP probably did mean Nobu.

      2. re: kathryn

        oops i meant nobu...i am looking for something trendy in decor. I like Asian fusion, so along those lines

        1. re: ywivychen

          i wish we could teleport the restaurant scene back to 1998 to get some asian fusion.

          1. re: ywivychen

            Tao has a fun scene, atmosphere, as does Buddakan, Spice Market and Pranna have very cool spaces, has fusion as well, Ruby Foo's is fun too. I wouldn't say any of them are destinations for their food, more for the overall experience/decor, in a similar vein to Mr. Chow.

            1. re: jvish

              I agree with jvish. "any worth while restaurants to check out???" In New York City there are just no worthy restaurants.

              Seriously....In a city with literally THOUSANDS of dining options, please provide more information for meaningful results.

              1. re: chow_gal

                Until recently there were no good restaurants. Luckily a Red Lobster and a Bubba Gump opened in Times Square in the past few years. Hallelujah!!!

                1. re: ESNY

                  It would be hard to duplicate the experience at Mr. Chow.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    Can we move this thread to the Sarcasm Board

          1. hello ywivychen,
            Lucky you, you have Kathryn's attention. She can give you much sage advice, bothe her own and board threads to follow. Give her a some inclination, desire, predilection - something to work with and she will put together lottsa good stuff.

            1. Trendy Asian Fusion has kind of died in NY.

              If you really are gung-ho on a Mr. Chow-like spot, maybe try Buddakan? I agree with all of the above posters, though. You are much too vague to get any worthwhile results. Where are you coming from and what area will you be in?

              1. Morimoto is the restaurant that most comes to mind as being in the vein of Nobu and Mr. Chow, personally not a fan but you might like it --

                15 East and Jean Georges are both terrific, although not as trendy in decor.

                New Yorkers, play nice!