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Feb 16, 2010 04:35 PM

Too Many Chefs Spoil the Dream

From the NY Times, brought to us by the same gentleman who wrote "One Hundred Things a Restaurant Staffer Should Never Do," is an update on his attempt to open a restaurant, and methinks he is in deep do-do.

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  1. Also required reading are the comments which appear to be from those who know far more than I (and I had lots of doubts by his second paragraph).

    Definitely something to follow this winter.

    1. wow. i'm going to set up my lawnchair and get my floppy hat and tall cold cocktail now, this is going to be one hell of a train-wreak. interested to see this idiot's revision of the "100 things" once he's experienced the other side of things, however briefly-- before he completely crashes and burns due to his own cluelessness.

      maybe i can pen my grand opus: "100 reasons why pencil-pushers with no restaurant experience should never open restaurants, and why their restaurants fail when they do," and the obscure and seldom-quoted follow-up: "100 reasons why good chefs can't get bank funding for new restaurants," while i'm enjoying the show. ;-P

      1. to quote Santa Claus (whom this guy better be praying to); "hohohohoho!" the next installment should be even more fun to read!