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Feb 16, 2010 04:03 PM

Scarpetta questions

A'ight, so I have reservations for Scarpetta this Monday, going with one other person. Now, I've heard that the portions at Scarpetta are moderate to large. I myself generally have a moderate to large appetite. If a person were to order, say, an appetizer and a pasta dish, would this be a sufficient amount of food? Would some other course of action be better?

Also, if a person is not in a position to drink alcohol, which would include wine, what would one be inclined to drink at Scarpetta?

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  1. The bread basket is so delicious you can easily fill up on that! You could do 2 starters and a pasta and be totally full. I would advise against starter, pasta & entree as then you won't be able to do proper justice to those tasty tasty bread selections.
    For non/a drinks I would stick with seltzer w/splash of cranberry or sparkling water...

    1. I think part of how you go about ordering depends on which appetizer you choose. For example, Chef Conant's signature polenta with mushrooms is exceedingly rich and very filling. The generous portion is more than enough to be shared by two people. As for the pastas, they too are very generously portioned.

      On one of our visits, we shared the spaghetti with tomato and basil (another signature dish) to start. Split in the kitchen, each portion was still quite substantial. Then we each had a main course and a dessert. The second time, we ordered the same way. However, one of the managers surprised us by gifting us with the polenta. We couldn't resist it, so we finished it off. In order not to be too stuffed for our main courses and desserts, we only ate half our pasta portions and took the rest home.

      To see portion sizes, photos of our Scarpetta meals can be viewed here:

      and here:

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        Oh dear, looking at those pictures is making me hungry...

        Although that also reminds me of one more question I should ask. What's the dessert situation at Scarpetta? I've heard a lot about the rest of the food, but not about that. Is the dessert worth getting?

        1. re: sanjacinto

          I've had only two desserts. The peach dessert was wonderful but , of course, it was seasonal (summer). I think the olive oil cake is always on the menu. It was delicious. My husband generally prefers gelati, sorbets and ice cream. Scarpetta's gelati are excellent.

      2. sanjacinto:

        It's really hard to gauge appetites. I had four dishes at Scarpetta (appetizer, pasta, main, and dessert) and left feeling full, but not unpleasantly so. I didn't each much during the day so maybe that helped. You can see my review here:

        I don't know what to suggest non-alcoholic except water.

        1. My friend and I just dined @Scarpetta last night. I have posted our experience here if you're interested:

          The tasting menu was just the right amount of food for us (and that included the bread basket). We left feeling pleasantly, but not overwhelmingly, full.

          I don't really drink, so I just ordered a coke with lemon. I was really craving it (don't drink soda much so it's a treat when I do), but it's obviously nothing exciting.