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Feb 16, 2010 03:53 PM

Tijuana - looking for a place to host small wedding reception

Looking for a place that can host a small wedding reception. Thinking maybe a hotel in which we can book rooms (so we don't have to travel far after drinking). Good food (either catered by them or someplace else) and drink. Several of us will be coming from the US, so we will be driving. Thank you in advance!!

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  1. I suggest that you look at tijuanaonline (DOT) org, the official website for the TJ Visitors and Convention Bureau.

    It has information in Spanish and English on hotels and restaurants.

    I have attended events at the Hotel El Camino Real and the Grand Hotel, but both of these are multi-story high rise venues designed to handle large groups of people.

    There are a number of very nice, small hotel/restaurant operations in the city, but I don't have any recent experience to use tp make recommendation.

    Good Luck, I am sure that you will be able to find a place that is satisfactory for your party!

    1. I suggest you consider Hotel Lucerna. It is a medium size hotel and is close to the border. It is in the business and banking district. It has a well regarded restaurant, RIvoli. I cannot personally speak to the quality of banquet services but I suspect them to be above average.

      Also, if you are planning on spending the night, the hotel is an easy walk to the so-called Gastronomic District where you can find several very good restaurants (such as La Differencia, Cheripan, Villa Saverios [all great for lunch and dinner] and La EspadaƱa [breakfast]). Cheripan and Saverios also may be able to accommodate a wedding reception.

      A good place to start is:

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        I will second these reccs.

        The new Marriott is really nice too, but the construction going on over there really ties up traffic right now.This is near the Gastronomic Zone, as is the Gran Tijuana. Villa Saverios, La Diferencia, and Cheripan all can accomodate a private group. There are also salons especially for this purpose and there's one right in the Gastronomic Zone.