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Feb 16, 2010 03:41 PM

New Restaurant in Pierre's Bistro Location -- Morristown Area

I've seen that there is a new restaurant opening on Route 202 in Harding where Pierre's used to be. Has anyone heard anything about it?

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  1. I drive by all the time and they seem to be doing a ton of work, but I haven't heard boo about who's taking over and what it's supposed to be like.

    1. I took a detour on Thursday and did a slow drive-by of this place. According to the sign on the building, the new restaurant will be called Market and will be "opening soon". I don't know if there is any connection to Market in Montclair.

      1. Announced this week in a local bulletin: "the town council approved the transfer of a liquor license to owner (202 Bistro Bar LLC) which will do business as “Market Restaurant.” The buyer paid the seller $125,000 for the license."

        Someone I know called the Montclair restaurant (called Market) and was told that they were not moving or opening another location, so no connection there.

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          I'm shocked at how inexpensive that liquor license sold for. A few years ago, two liquor licenses in the Freehold area went for more than a million each!

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            I agree! That seems very inexpensive.

          2. Drove by again the other night and the TVs were on in the bar area. I wondered whether they had opened on the qt. Anybody heard anything?

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            1. re: bropaul

              I heard they opened a few days ago. If anyone has been- would love to hear about it.
              Might have to stop by this weekend!

              1. re: SH21

                They have a sign on the door that they will open with a private party on March 30th,

            2. Sign on teh door says they will open March 30th

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