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New Restaurant in Pierre's Bistro Location -- Morristown Area

I've seen that there is a new restaurant opening on Route 202 in Harding where Pierre's used to be. Has anyone heard anything about it?

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  1. I drive by all the time and they seem to be doing a ton of work, but I haven't heard boo about who's taking over and what it's supposed to be like.

    1. I took a detour on Thursday and did a slow drive-by of this place. According to the sign on the building, the new restaurant will be called Market and will be "opening soon". I don't know if there is any connection to Market in Montclair.

      1. Announced this week in a local bulletin: "the town council approved the transfer of a liquor license to owner (202 Bistro Bar LLC) which will do business as “Market Restaurant.” The buyer paid the seller $125,000 for the license."

        Someone I know called the Montclair restaurant (called Market) and was told that they were not moving or opening another location, so no connection there.

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          I'm shocked at how inexpensive that liquor license sold for. A few years ago, two liquor licenses in the Freehold area went for more than a million each!

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            I agree! That seems very inexpensive.

          2. Drove by again the other night and the TVs were on in the bar area. I wondered whether they had opened on the qt. Anybody heard anything?

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              I heard they opened a few days ago. If anyone has been- would love to hear about it.
              Might have to stop by this weekend!

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                They have a sign on the door that they will open with a private party on March 30th,

            2. Sign on teh door says they will open March 30th

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              1. We have been to dinner twice and drinks one afternoon.

                The first dinner was the second night they were open and I think they did a spectacular job. While the typical new restaurant craze was on, a few gentlemen, owners/managers kept walking around handing out little tastes of different menu items and apologizing if the service was slow or slipped in some way. Even after telling them we were fine they still gave us a business card that said it entitled us to two free appetizers.

                It certainly changed the tone of what could have been a very tough night and the crowd stayed upbeat and friendly while the servers ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.

                Food was solid, not great but nothing has been bad, wedge salad and beet salad best so far, roasted chicken not up to Due Terre or even the previous chef''s chicken at this location but very good. The hanger steak was HUGE and done perfectly rare as ordered.

                The wine list is incredibly reasonably priced, twice wholesale so a $53 retail bottle of Cain Concept is at $80, wines by the glass only one per grape but fairly good choices.

                One comment the drink pours and wine pours seem very sad. At drinks one afternoon a martini barely half filled the glassware.

                And anyone who remembers the old Pierre's will welcome the new decor. They opened up the five small dining rooms by cutting large holes in the walls so you can see through each of them to the outside. The colors and wood are dark with pea green paint, very masculine but considering the chintz they replaced certainly understandable.

                There is also a separate bar menu that is reasonably priced with the foods you would expect.

                Overall no surprises, a solid base hit though that will serve us well.

                Due Terre
                107 Morristown Rd Ste C, Bernardsville, NJ 07924