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Feb 16, 2010 03:23 PM

Too many options, you would make...?

I'm having company over for dinner Saturday and can't decide on what to make. It's just the two of us so it doesn't need to be a big meal.

You'd make.....

1) Moroccan Short Ribs with some kind of butternut squash pasta/ravioli

2)Olive oil poached snapper with fennel and oranges

3)Halibut in a garlic shrimp sauce

Tips on dessert would be helpful too...thanks!

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  1. why don't you ask your guest if he or she has a preference? a choice between fish & meat would certainly help narrow it down...particularly if the choice is meat! ;)

    other factors that would affect my choice - climate, and whether or not i'd make use of leftovers.

    1. I would make halibut with fennel and oranges because halibut is the better fish where I am (Seattle) but I like those flavorings. I love short ribs too, but I would serve with mashed potatoes or polenta, just because I don't like pasta as much. In other words, i am not really much of a help. if you want starters/an app, fish seems less heavy, and short ribs more a one course meal.

      1. It has to be from these three?

        Asking what your invitee is in the mood for is an interesting idea as that could potentially narrow things down unless of course, you get the "oh, anything's fine" answer.

        I was thinking halibut sakamushi set meal (+ rice, vegetable, tsukemono) or using halibut if you absolutely need to poach fish in oil. Short ribs as either a ravioli filling or with a potato/parsleyroot purée (don't see it served with pasta). Quail stuffed with foie gras if you're feeling flush.

        Grilled or butter-roasted pineapple for dessert (I usually outsource dessert when playing host).

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          No it doesn't have to be those three and, yes, I did get the "anything's fine" ;) I'm trying to think of something that's impressive but easy to prep and clean up after since the dining table is in the kitchen.

        2. I like your #3. grab a nice seafood dip and crackers so guest can join you in the kitchen while you prep over a glass o wine.

          I'm not a dessert person but like simple homemade cookies, you can made ahead. Or a nice chocolate bark that you make ahead too. There is a recent thread about many options.

          1. I think they all sound lovely, but if you go with the short ribs, I'd do a squash risotto instead of ravioli. I like to have a bed of starch to sop up the delicious sauce from the meat, and ravioli wouldn't do that very well.