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Feb 16, 2010 03:12 PM

Lunch in Freehold?

I have jury duty. Any suggestions for lunch? I'm open to just about anything. The only requirement is that it be delicious.

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  1. Try Frankly Burgers & More. Great hot dogs, Italian Hot Dogs, and burgers.

    1. You can't get to Frankly Burgers and More and eat and get back on a lunch break from the courthouse - it has to be someplace in the center of town just a few blocks from the courthouse.

      funny, I also had jury duty starting tomorrow, but I was in the group that is on call so I don't have to go. But I was planning on going to Ibby's which is almost on the corner of Main and South streets. If they call me for duty Thursday that is where I will go for sure.

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        Seal, I read your reviews. Sounds great.

        One day I'll get to Frankly, but Seal's right, it's too far for the lunch break.

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          Ibby's is great and you can't go wrong. Very good food! (If you like hot sauce, ask for a cup of it on the side! It's really good!)

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            I had jury duty today as well but my number was not called :)

          2. We liked the food at Bahia de Acapulco when we went (admittedly a while ago), and it's a small place that should be fast enough. It's on the street that is the dogleg from Court St across the main street in Freehold.

            1. Didn't we have this exact thread come up a few months ago?

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                Yes, and my vote is for Oyako Tso's.. Japanese & sushi, right next to Ibby's. Great sashimi!