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Feb 16, 2010 03:09 PM

SGV Chinese Recs

So, I've got a friend coming in from out of town who's read about all the fantastic food offerings in the San Gabriel Valley and wants to hit that area for a meal. The problem is that I'm basically overwhelmed/confused by the sheer number of options in the SGV and am not particularly up on the various regional styles of Chinese food.

Ideally we'd like to find a place that is closer to "full service" - a bar, decent tables, decent service etc - than a store front joint like 101 Noodle Express that's bare bones at best. We don't mind spicy and are huge fans of seafood prepared any and all ways.

With those vague requirements in mind, does anyone have a suggestion(s)? We'll be going with a party of six on Thursday night.

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  1. Sea Harbour, Elite, Seafood Village, Full House, Din Tai Fung, NBC Seafood.

    1. Here are the usual questions I ask:

      1. How much are you willing to spend?
      2. Does anyone in your party speak Mandarin or Cantonese?
      3. Is there anything you don't like to eat (e.g. seafood, pork, duck tongue)?
      4. Is there anything you would like to eat (e.g. spicy, meat, vegetarian)?
      5. Are there any dietary restrictions?
      6. Do you have any preferences for any particular type of regional cuisine?
      7. What are your expectations in terms of service?
      8. How far are you willing to travel (the SGV is pretty big)?

      1. I hope you mean "a bar" as in they serve alcohol. I don't really know many places that have an actual bar. I would go with Din Tai Fung, Elite for dim sum, Newport Seafood for a big dinner. The rest of my SGV list is more the bare bones stuff.

        1. Based on your vague criteria I would suggest Sea Harbour or Elite.

          I wouldn't bother with a place like Din Tai Fung, which is really just a gussied up version of 101 Noodle - a place you have already nixed. Plus, there's no full bar to speak of at DTF.

          Another place to consider would be Seafood Village. It won't have the live seafood that's offered at Sea Harbour or Elite but will be significantly easier on your wallet.

          1. May I suggest Newport Tan Cang Seafood? I don't think it has a bar, but it's about as "full service" as you can get in the SGV. You know, know one of those banquet style places with white tablecloths and big fish tanks with live seafood.

            IMHO, going "full service" really limits your options as to all the wonderful food in the SGV. Most med. to large cities will have these types of restaurants. But show me where you can find something like Indian. :)