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Feb 16, 2010 02:21 PM

providence special dinner quick...frank t. help!

tommorrows a big anniversery for my wife and myself,looked at online menus from local 121,gracies,mills tav,etc.we both cook,we want something we cant make,but dont want the fancy, tower of scallops or whatever "food as art"deal,we just want something really really good.thanks so much friends!!

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    1. re: Sean

      Ditto Chez Pascal. Ama's on the West Side is lovely and romantic and I'm guessing you don't have raw bar/izakaya-style food everyday.

      1. re: digga

        Ama is a nice place, but izakaya isn't dinner, and there's no way I'd put it in the same league as Chez Pascal or Gracie's or Mill's.

        1. re: Gin n Tonic

          love ama,but not for this occassion,need something with alittle more,.so far chez pascals leading the decision votes so far.thanks everyone,frank you out there?

          1. re: im hungry

            frank always suggests the same restaurants anyway... just look at his old posts ;-)

            1. re: im hungry

              Hi Hungry,

              A couple of weeks ago I tried New Rivers and it was very nice. also like Bacaro. I dont know what to say on Prov. Restaurants I like Newport more Cafe Longo on the Hill Plus I dont go out much in RI. Actually there isnt much that I cant make anyway. I love to cook even for my family The best food in my life was at the Isle of Capri in italy.
              Sorry wish I could help more just being honest.

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                you should go to Franks house for dinner....or to Italy

          1. re: invinotheresverde

            Chez Pascal...Al Forno...perhaps La Laiterie in Wayland Square?

        2. Chez Pascal's wonderful. Al Forno would also be a good alternative. And L'Elizabeth in Providence has a very romantic ambiance.

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          1. re: tasteegrub78

            lookin pretty much like chez pascal,do i need to call for a reso for tonight?

          2. Oh I forgot, Nicks and Broadway Bistro also. I know its the same OLD rec's but they also have very nice food..Broadway Bistro is very cozy. Hope something worked Italy is a little too far for dinner lol.