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Feb 16, 2010 02:17 PM

Duck Legs in Toronto.

Looking to find good quality fresh or frozen duck legs in downtown Toronto. Any Tips? well priced would be an asset.

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  1. Brome Lake duck legs can be found in the freezer section at T&T on Cherry Street.

    1. Sanagans Meat Locker in Kensington Market has them. Excellent quality legs/breasts. St. Andrew Poultry might have legs too. They do have frozen breasts available, not sure about the legs.

      1. T & T steele/warden location. $3.99 for one frozen duck leg in vacum seal package. Local grown.

        1. I believe the Butcher Shoppe carries them.

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            Fiesta Farms on Christie Street usually has plenty of fresh duck legs, magret, duck fat, etc.

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              Indeed they do. Nice vac packed legs with fat, rendered fat and vac packed breasts. Good prices too. It's at the back in the meat counter. Had to keep myself from going overboard on the duck and the foie. Almost successful too. Hello duck confit.

          2. There are two or three butchers at at STLM that have fresh duck legs, including White Hall (Haven? House? I forget) Meats. Frozen is cheaper than fresh, usually.

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              I don't think I'd buy them from White House meats unless you seriously want to be get ripped off. that place is overpriced. I was beef cheeks there and was shocked when they said $8/lb. Wasn't organic or anything that would justify that price.

              You could check out the sausage guy kitty corner from the portuguese chicken place. They've got duck legs and I think the pricing is decent. I usually buy mine at T&T, though.