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Feb 16, 2010 02:05 PM

Hong Kong-style Borsch

Looking for good examples of this classic, beet-free soup in any borough--and, more generally, any recommendations at all for Hong Kong-style Western food: baked seafood spaghetti, sizzling pork chop with black pepper sauce, etc.

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  1. Hey Frenetica, I haven't tried the borsch here, but I saw it on the menu, it's a hong kong style cafe, M Star in china town.

    I had their shrimp and ham spaghetti - very mediocre, but maybe the soup is worthwhile, good luck!

    1. Try XO Kitchen on Hester in Chinatown. They've got most, but not all, of the classic HK-style western food stuff.

      1. Make your own, it's easy. Pork bones for the broth (has to use pork bones to get a little fat, can't substitute), plain tomato sauce (enough to taste, not to thicken), vegetables, red pepper flakes.