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Feb 16, 2010 01:26 PM

Ballston Lake; Any Good Restaurants?

I'd appreciate if any local foodies could suggest a good restaurant in Ballston Lake or nearby. Any cuisine is acceptable, as long as the restaurant is not noisy and, of course, the food is good or better.

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  1. Probably your best bet is the Jonesville Country Store which serves nice dinners. Lake Ridge, in Round Lake nearby is very good, otherwise, check out the board recommendations for Ballston Spa and Clifton Park, on this board or on the old Tristate board archive. The most venerable restaurant in Ballston Lake is the Good Times, but it's hard to recommend on any grounds except atmosphere.

    Lake Ridge Restaurant
    35 Burlington Ave, Round Lake, NY 12151

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    1. re: PSZaas

      Second The Jonesville Store. I have only been for breakfast and lunch.

      My closest to Ballston Lake favorites for dinner:

      1. Bloomers American Bistro (in Malta)*

      The back room (away from bar area) can work for a business dinner.

      2. Second PSZaas' Lake Ridge (in Round Lake) suggestion*

      SO has hosted business dinners here.

      3. 51 Front (in Ballston Spa


      *Also open for lunch

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Lots of closed restaurants in this thread, mostly lamentably. Bloomers, Jonesville Store, soon Strata. I'm sure that Fifty South is now the best restaurant in Ballston Spa, with Sunset Cafe and Abeel's somewhat distant second and third. I've enjoyed some very good roast duck at Fifty South that might be up your alley.

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          Thanks, PSZaas.

          I thought I started a thread on Strata (or posted on the 51 Front thread) but it didn't come up when I did a search.

          I think I had the duck at Fifty South once. SO prefers going to Saratoga.

          So few good restaurants in Ballston Spa/Ballston Lake/Malta.

          The Crazy Cow is a newer addition (no alcohol). I haven't been to the Good Morning Cafe yet but keep hearing good things.

          A reminder of how tough the restaurant business is and why we need to support our favorites. I miss Bloomers and am still getting over the Strata news.

    2. Thought I'd bump this thread up. . .

      51 Front has been re-branded as Strata and is one of our favorites. We go often:

      The Iron Roost (closed Mondays) is a good breakfast/lunch place. The Whistling Kettle is good for lunch:

      Leah's Cakery (Round Lake Rd, near Fire Dept./stone entrance past roundabout to Round Lake Village . . .technically in Malta) is good for baked goods or quiche (closed Mondays and Wednesdays, open 7 am - 4 pm). Hopefully they will add soups in the Fall. This place filled with "butter, sugar, flour and love" is sweetly addictive:

      Never got to Beverly's in S. Springs. Looking forward to trying it in B. Spa:

      Can't wait until Sandy opens in the former Good Times location. We drove by recently and they are still renovating:

      Since Carney's changed ownership we thought we'd give it a try for dinner to see how it changed.

      The bar is lighter and brighter. Some B&W photos of Carney's are on the walls which is a nice touch.

      Our server was very nice and professional. She forgot SO's salad, but to be fair we didn't remind her. She also let us know that one of the appetizers we ordered was not available (some kitchen prep issue). Staff needs training in wine service (bottle with the cork in it was just placed on our table). Now on to the food:

      *Calamari app - hot peppers were great. Very overcooked and tough. I could barely chew one, not sure how SO managed to eat most of them. To be fair, we didn't tell our server.

      *Fish tacos - excellent. Fish cooked perfectly. A little bland though the menu described them as sweet and spicy.

      *Chicken and broccoli fettucini. Large portion.

      We had a delicious lemon cake with our coffee. It was reminiscent of Bloomer's lemon ice box cake. I still miss Bloomer's.

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      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Just a note on Leah's of this week they are open Wednesdays.