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Feb 16, 2010 01:24 PM

Where to go with guest in Oakland on Sunday night?

Hi Foodies,

Long time foodie friend arriving on Sunday night - one night only- staying in downtown Oakland. Where should I take him? Most of the places I have thought of are closed on Sunday.

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  1. Lottsa options depending on your interests, and if you'll drive further from downtown Oakland specifically:
    Mua, Hibiscus, Bocanova, Luka's,
    to start the ball rolling.

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    1. re: escargot3

      If he's really a foodie, I'd see if you could snag a table at Commis. It's not downtown, but you could take the 51 bus 15 or so blocks down Broadway to Piedmont Avenue and walk the last few blocks.

      I wouldn't recommend Bocanova.

      I would highly recommend Camino, which you can reach on the 12 bus from downtown.

      I would also highly recommend Wood Tavern or Oliveto, which you can reach by BART or the 51 bus.

      1. re: escargot3

        I went to A Cote a couple months ago, it offers mostly small plates great for sharing. We both enjoyed it and got to sample many different items. But if there is one place to put the bill on a credit card and vow to pay it off, Commis is more than worth it.

      2. Commis is open on Sundays. I was just there last weekend and it was great...definitely good for a foodie.

        3859 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

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        1. re: arlenemae

          Appreciate the thoughts. Would love to go to Commis - but too expensive for this outing. Will check out the thoughts above. Had dismissed Luka's due to noise level - my friend is hard of hearing.

          1. re: jane21

            If noise is an issue I would consider the back room at A Cote. Most of the other recommendations (MUA, Luka's, Camino, Wood Tavern...) can be quite loud. Oliveto is quiet, but spendy. Chop Bar's Sunday night family style dinner might be a good option, and the price cannot be beat.

            If you don't require a semi fine dining experience, Chai Thai (just east of downtown) offers some of the best Thai food in the region. You'll need a car to get there.

        2. Pizziaola or Dona Tomas might be nice.

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          1. re: Allfrog68

            Neither is open on Sunday.

            I'd go to Wood Tavern, just get there on the early side, because they close early on Sunday nights.

            1. re: JasmineG

              If you want a quieter table, ask for the table in front by the window. It's away enough from the rest of the room to hold a decent conversation. You might have to wait for it, though.

          2. A slightly different option would be to keep it in downtown and hit B Restaurant. We lived in downtown for a while and found them very consistent and delicious. On Sundays, they were having prix fixe dinners. Just around the corner from the Marriott.

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            1. re: dcfb

              I like B as well - per website however they are not open on Sunday night.