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Feb 16, 2010 01:01 PM

Ethnic brunch spots in Toronto?


I am interested in going to brunches with an ethnic flare. I know Udupi Palace offers an Indian brunch in Little India, and I'm sure there are a host of other great ethnic restaurants that do the same out there. Any suggestions? It can be anywhere on the TTC line, and I go to brunch on Saturdays. Looking forward to hearing back from lots of you.


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  1. Would you consider a Sunday brunch? I think it would expand your options.

    M & B Yummy is a vegetarian Ethiopian restaurant with a Sunday brunch menu as well as all-day breakfast.

    Frida Restaurant also has a Mexican Sunday brunch menu.

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      Thanks, toveggiegirl! Will definitely try those on my own, but my brunch group only meets on Saturday...

    2. The Boulevard Cafe on Harbord has a Latin bent to it. It's my current favourite brunch in town.

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        Thanks Arcadiaseeker! I didn't realize Boulevard Cafe did Peruvian.

      2. Debu's on Mt. Pleasant does brunch.

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          Thanks, nuggieg!!! Debu's looks awesome!!!