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Feb 16, 2010 12:25 PM

ISO PHO with a veggie broth

I love pho and am having trouble finding one that is not made from a beef or chicken stock. Anyone know where I can go?

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  1. Golden Turtle, at 125 Ossington Ave, has vegetarian pho.

    1. If you are up in the 'burbs, Pho Mi on Major Mac just west of Keele has a veggie broth pho. However, they are heavy-handed with the MSG so if you are sensitive, it's best to avoid.

      I'd love to know of other places to get veggie pho.

      1. There is a new vegan restaurant called Loving Hut on Eglinton (west of Bathurst) that has pho.

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          Green Earth on Broadview, at Gerrard, have vegetarian pho. They are a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

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            Has anyone tried Loving Hut? It's usually empty whenever I pass by. I wish them luck, but Bathurst & Eglinton is not the ideal location to open an Asian vegan restaurant, especially in a spot that's seen one restaurant after another come and go.

            1. re: Tatai

              i find most veg pho at non-veg vietnamese restaurants very disappointing because the broth tastes nothing like pho (they don't use star anise or cinnamon).

              green earth's does taste like it, but they barely give you any of the fake meat or toppings.

              white lotus is a vietnamese veg place on lansdowne, just south of college. their veg pho does have the proper spices and tastes ok but i find it too sweet. they have other tasty menu items too though.

              cafe 668 has a veg pho that does not use the spicing but it is chock full of toppings so tastes alright.