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Feb 16, 2010 12:20 PM

Sunny Place (Concord NH) for lunch?

I've been reading all the posts on Sunny Place in Concord, and there seems to be agreement that the food is very good, but also very expensive by Concord standards. But most of the reports seemed to be about dinner.

Has anyone tried it for lunch? Do they have a lunch menu, and if so, how is it, and how are the prices?

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  1. I haven't been yet, but here is their site

    Probably best to call to verify hours, etc as the site doesn't look very developed and things could have changed since the first put the site up.

    1. Finally got there to see for myself, and had a very, very good meal They have a lunch menu, with 10 or so very varied choices on it, priced between $10 and 12. I had the pork and beans, which (like many things on the menu) was not what it seemed, but rather several slices of really nice braised pork with an elegant garnish of chinese black beans and other yummy, but less easily identified, veggies, and white rice and broccoli on the side. My wife had steak, which was two pieces of very good beef (they try to use local, organic meat) with a slight glaze of soy sauce served on a bed of cabbage and squash.
      Both meals were just great, with some unexpected and exotic flavors and combinations, but always delicious. While many (but not all) of the dishes had pleasant oriental elements to them, they could not be described simply oriental, but truly fusion. We will be eating there again.
      My only complaint is one others here have mentioned: the portions are awfully small. The pork and beans may have been worse than average in this respect, as the other portions we saw going by seemed larger, but none were what we'd call generous. This may be in line with the gourmet bistro image, but I think here in NH a little more food on the dish would greatly increase customer satisfaction levels.
      The place is not cheap, either - if you start ordering soup, salad and/or dessert you can easily double or treble the cost of your lunch. But this is clearly by design - The owner is very obviously trying not to compete with the $7 luncheon specials down the street, but to present a seamless, upscale and unique experience in elegant surroundings, and seems to be succeeding. I hope Concord will appreciate what Sunny's has to offer! Oh, service was also very good too.

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        The portion is way too small. And it was not like that before.

        We visited the place few times last year. The portions was great. We always visited the store for Saturday lunch. Usually, they didn't have too many customers there (no more than 3~4 tables) around Saturday noon time.

        But when we visited the store again two weeks ago, we noticed that the portions became so so small. Also, the whole store was packed.

        The menu doesn't change often. Comparing last fall's menu and the menu we had two weeks ago, almost 80% are the same. Since they don't have too many menu items and there are some items we don't even bother to try, it's easily for us to experience almost all the menu items. Honetsly, the food is good but it's not that good that you would like to pay around $10-$12 for a dish and still feel starving after a meal.

        When they had great portion, we love to drive an hour to have a nice Saterday lunch there and always leave full and happily. But now, I think I would only visit the store after we had a big breakfast. I don't really enjoy my last visit when I had to order drive through Mcdonald's right after leaving the store.