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Feb 16, 2010 12:13 PM

What are Seattle's best ?

Help! I'm a Bostonian headed for Seattle for the first time in early April. Staying downtown for a convention so am looking for restaurants no more than a reasonable cab ride away. We'll be there 3 nights and would like to go to 3 upscale/ fine dining restaurants. Order of preference is New American, Pacific Northwest/Seafood, Italian. (Old, stuffy hotel restaurants are not high on our list).Tasting menus are fine but not a necessity. Abou $150/person would be the upper limit for food, wine and a drink. An example of what I consider a superb restaurant is Gary Danko in SF. So, what do you recommend ? Are Canlis, or Barolo, or Ray's Boathouse on the list?

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  1. Canlis definitely -- Love it !
    Ray's----too casual.
    Don't know Barolo.

    1. For really formal dining--Canlis, Rover's. Rover's is French, but plenty of local touches.

      For less formal, but great food--Crush (I guess new American), Dahlia (PNW). With Gary Danko as the comparison, not Ray's. The downstairs is formal, the upstairs casual, but the food is more standard than super special. Campagne in the market might be another good choice. Maybe Union. I don't love it, but most people on this board do.

      1. Add Chez Shea to the list. It's at the Market. Great food and setting.

        1. Union is perfect for Pacific NW/Seafood. And they recently brought back their tasting menu.

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            We loved Union, we did the tasting menu when we were there this past June. Other Seattle favorites include: Salty's on Alki Beach, Dahlia Lounge, Etta's, Six Seven @ the Hotel Edgewater, Cafe Campagne, The Georgian Room @ the Fairmont where stayed. Enjoy Seattle! :)

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              For the price, I've never really been blown away by any of Tom Douglas's restaurants...
              Union is solid, but certainly not life-changing.

              For the same price as Union, add Tilth to your list. It's in a cute little house and the tasting menu is fantastic and not a bad deal for the quality of food you get. It really showcases Pacific NW flavors and organic, locally-sourced produce. Went with the boyfriend for our first anniversary and been going back ever since. He recently went to Daniel Bouloud's Lumiere in Vancouver and decided that he actually preferred Tilth. Highly recommended!

          2. Canlis is in a different league than either Barolo or Ray's Boathouse. Better food, much better service, and more expensive. I think you would have a hard time getting out of Canlis at or under $150 per person. You can look at the menu and wine list on-line, and figure out the approximate cost in advance. Depending on your selections, I think you will be looking at around $175 per person and up.