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Feb 16, 2010 11:55 AM

Where do you think the best Mexican Food Resides?

Ok, so I live in Delray and have been living here for my whole life and let me tell you I have found the BEST Mexican Resturant around!! It is in in Lake Worth called Zapata Mexican... yumm!! The owner/chef grew up in Mexico and moved over here and opened this place up. I mean the prices are amazing!! Two dollar tacos and empanadas, this place is the best!! You must check it out!!! I think its my favorite resturant in south Florida, I am super picky because I think if you go to an international resturant you should be exposed to what is the actual cuisine, not some made up "americanized" version! Go and support this hard working lady!

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  1. Eduardo de San Angel in Fort Lauderdale, hands down!

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      Re: Eduardo de San Angelo - agreed, it's outstanding.

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        I finally went there, and it seemed bland and expensive.

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          Did you have the cilantro soup? We were there last week and I have to admit that the rest of the meal was fine, but certainly didn't live up to the hype; however, the cilantro soup was amazing. I'm still hoping that someone here will get the recipe, or some approximation.

      2. I can tell you where the best mexican food hasn't resided since I moved here 3 years my belly! If Zapata is really all that, maybe I might have to try it out. I have heard Montezuma in WPB is good but that is only from one source and it's been a while.

        I don't understand why I can't get a good mexican meal like a good chicken mole' or even some real deal hand rolled corn husk cased tamales. I know where to get good tacos but the main entree places that aren't amerimex'd to the max are hard to find.

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          There are tons of threads mentioning Dona Raquel in Pompano, all are true! That is one great place, and you can get mole on the weekends. Not the chocolate junk, either! The store next door has great fresh tortillas, so stock up when you go there.

        2. I agree with Jane, Eduardo de San Angel for authentic Mexico City Mexican!

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            In Homestead.....everyone has their favorites.....NicaMex (most authentic by far).....El is good and you can bring in your own cooler....can be loud and rowdy.....Casita Tejas is solid......Never had a bad meal in Florida City at Rosita's....which is less than 5 minues south of NicaMex...El Toro and Casita Tejas.....which are within rock throwing distance of each other......


          2. Is this on the east side of US-1 just south of 6th Ave? I think I passed it on the way to the street painting festival in LW yesterday.

            1. I am going to with the unsual reply, and although you requested for a restaurant, the foodtruck (they do have a parking lot full of tables, and I believe a little locale where you can actualy sit, comfortably), in Lake Worth, called Tacos al Carbon, is a delcious mexican food institution established for years. It is the closest I have come to good (authentic) Mexican food; and the prices are very reasonable. I've tried Montezuma but was not all that impressed.