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Feb 16, 2010 11:36 AM

Fat tuesday indulgences

It's fat tuesday, what special treats are my fellow chowhounds enjoying today? In my neck of the woods faschnauts are looked forward to with great enthusiasm. They are one of the bright spots when winter seems endless. I prefer the glazed faschnauts made with a light touch at my favorite mini chain (I think they have three locations) Yum Yum donuts.

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  1. For us, it's PACKZI DAY!!!

    I even have an extra one sitting at my desk to give my husband when he picks me up!

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    1. re: Missy2U

      Luckily a couple of law firms we deal with in New Orleans sent us 6 king cakes, so I got my king cake fix and since I'm from New Orleans the office let me take one home to savor. Although I am catholic I don't really give anything up for lent, but do cut down on my meat consumption quite a bit, so it will be a nice steak tonight.

    2. Not traditional but nice big pork chops and a boatload of potato salad.

      1. Cruddy Chinese buffet...mmm crab rangoon, lo mein, general tso's chicken...what was that New's Year's Resolution again? Haha

        1. Spaghetti carbonara tonight.

          1. One lapsed Catholic and one lapsed Methodist here, and as we don't have any liturgical calendars around the house the religious significance of this date totally escaped us. It is therefore completely coincidental, then, that dinner is leftover spaghetti and meatballs (a huge improvement from a sensual standpoint from the original, being all melty and gooey and we want to put it in our pants). No good explanation how this happened, just sheer dumb luck. And now I'm going back for thirds. Thank you, Lord!